1970s Caterpillar 951 63K saved

Posted by Chris Graham on 26th March 2022

Martyn Williams has found an early 1970s Caterpillar 951 63K ‘traxcavator’, saved it from the scrapman and embarked on a full restoration.

1970s Caterpillar 951 63K

1970s Caterpillar 951 63K: Ready to be taken to its new home and start a full restoration. (Pic: Martyn Williams)

When he was a British Rail apprentice Martyn Williams worked on a number of Caterpillar 951s during the mid-1970s. Decades later he tried to get hold of one, but the machine he found was cut up before he could save it.

1970s Caterpillar 951 63K

Martyn collected the 951 to give it a new life in preservation. (Pic: Martyn Williams)

Thankfully, he discovered this example in a friend’s collection, where it had stood for 15 years; it was due to be scrapped but Martyn stepped in to rescue it. Currently, the 951 isn’t a runner, but Martyn is making good progress with this former British Rail machine, which will carry a cab when finished.

Showing the British Rail logo on the hydraulic tank. (Pic: Martyn Williams)


This is the actual load wagon that was matched with Martyn’s Caterpillar 951 63K; DB908007 is now preserved at the Dean Forest Railway, in Lydney. (Pic: Martyn Williams)

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