• Brixham Heritage Sailing Regatta

    Brixham Heritage Sailing Regatta

    Chris Graham on 23rd September 2022

    James Hamilton reports on the very enjoyable Brixham Heritage Sailing Regatta that took place recently in Brixham harbour, Devon.

  • 1956 passenger vessel Friesland

    1956 passenger vessel Friesland

    Chris Graham on 14th August 2022

    Kevin Hoggett provides an update on the 1956 passenger vessel Friesland and her current role as a popular excursion boat.

  • The first aircraft carriers

    The first aircraft carriers

    Chris Graham on 9th August 2022

    As part of celebrating a century of the aircraft carrier, David Hobbs charts the arrival of the first of these naval giants.

  • 117-year-old Canadian tugboat sinks

    117-year-old Canadian tugboat sinks

    Chris Graham on 4th July 2022

    We report on the unfortunate sinking of the 117-year-old Canadian tugboat, James Whalen, which occurred recently in Toronto.

  • 1961 USS Kitty Hawk scrapped

    1961 USS Kitty Hawk scrapped

    Chris Graham on 27th June 2022

    The 1961 aircraft carrier, USS Kitty Hawk, is being scrapped after 48 years of service in the US Navy, much of it in the Far East.

  • 98-year-old River Dart paddler

    98-year-old River Dart paddler

    Chris Graham on 8th June 2022

    An appeal has been launched to raise funds for the essential repairs needed to keep a 98-year-old River Dart paddler afloat. Can you help?

  • Wonderful summer boat excursions

    Wonderful summer boat excursions

    Chris Graham on 1st June 2022

    We report on the encouraging plans to get summer boat excursions back up and running again after two years of Covid-induced inactivity.

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