• Classic, post-war liners

    Classic, post-war liners

    Chris Graham on 5th July 2020

    Orient Line’s Orsova was the last in a trio of classic, post-war liners built in the post-war era. Stephen Payne recalls the ship’s design and career.

  • Royal Navy Carriers

    Royal Navy Carriers

    Chris Graham on 27th June 2020

    The second War at Sea bookazine has just been published, and this edition focusses on the history and development of the Royal Navy Carriers.

  • Battle of the Barents Sea

    Battle of the Barents Sea

    Chris Graham on 15th June 2020

    The Battle of the Barents Sea sounded the death knell of the German surface fleet. Allan George explains how minor actions can have major consequences.

  • The Kiel Canal

    The Kiel Canal

    Chris Graham on 26th May 2020

    The Kiel Canal was originally built to allow Germany’s naval vessels quick passage between the North Sea and the Baltic. It soon became a busy, commercial waterway, as we explain.

  • The classic freighters era

    The classic freighters era

    Chris Graham on 23rd May 2020

    Ships Monthly magazine takes a nostalgic look back at the classic freighters era, and some of the ships that dominated international trade during the decades immediately after WW2.

  • Wheels of Industry bookazine

    Wheels of Industry bookazine

    Chris Graham on 15th May 2020

    Industrial steam at work: Each issue explores industrial railway systems that, in the vast majority of cases, have long been abandoned and lost to time.

  • NEW BOOK – Operation Dynamo

    NEW BOOK – Operation Dynamo

    Chris Graham on 7th April 2020

    This new book delivers a fascinating insight into 200 of the boats and ships used in Operation Dynamo, to help evacuate the British Army from Dunkirk, in the summer of 1940.

  • War at Sea series launched!

    War at Sea series launched!

    Chris Graham on 6th April 2020

    USS Gerald R Ford (CVN-78) kicks off a new War at Sea series of bookazines published quarterly by the team behind World of Warships magazine. Each publication will focus on a particular warship.

  • Cruising with Cunard 1921-2003

    Cruising with Cunard 1921-2003

    Chris Graham on 4th April 2020

    Cruising with Cunard 1921-2003 provides a unique review of some classic liners operated from the 1920s to the early 21st century by the famous company.

  • Brilliant Hamburg Maritime Museum

    Brilliant Hamburg Maritime Museum

    Chris Graham on 25th March 2020

    Hamburg is home to several historical museum ships and the International Maritime Museum, which is based at the HafenCity quarter, and is well worth a visit.

  • Operational challenges for the Royal Navy

    Operational challenges for the Royal Navy

    Chris Graham on 18th March 2020

    The Royal Navy is facing operational challenges in the next four years, as the oldest, Type 23 frigates leave the fleet – four years before the first Type 26 warships enter service.

  • Sink the Bismarck!

    Sink the Bismarck!

    Chris Graham on 13th March 2020

    Prime Minister Winston Churchill provided the battle cry when he commanded the Royal Navy to ‘Sink the Bismarck’, as Paul Baker recounts



    Chris Graham on 16th February 2020

    Recounting the service and eventual loss of the battlecruiser HMS Repulse, following the ill-conceived formation of Force Z.

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