• The Bluebell Railway

    The Bluebell Railway

    Chris Graham on 11th August 2020

    One of the UK’s most famous, preservation railways was opened by enthusiasts 60 years ago. Colin Tyson recounts the story of The Bluebell Railway.

  • Merryweather Fire Engines

    Merryweather Fire Engines

    Chris Graham on 9th August 2020

    Ron Henderson explains the early years in the history of one of the best-known fire appliance manufacturers, Merryweather Fire Engines.

  • Claude Jessett Trust news

    Claude Jessett Trust news

    Chris Graham on 4th August 2020

    Dave Vaughan reports on the engine restoration progress that's been made recently at the Claude Jessett Trust, based at Tinkers Park, Hadlow Down, E Sussex.

  • Help keep her steaming

    Help keep her steaming

    Chris Graham on 3rd August 2020

    The Victorian steam passenger launch Alaska faces an uncertain future, hence the appeal being made to help keep her steaming.

  • Threlkeld Quarry & Mining Museum

    Threlkeld Quarry & Mining Museum

    Chris Graham on 2nd August 2020

    Work on the new railway extension at the Threlkeld Quarry & Mining Museum has re-started as a result of the easing of some of the Covid-19 restrictions.

  • Great Dorset Steam Fair

    Great Dorset Steam Fair

    Chris Graham on 28th July 2020

    The Great Dorset Steam Fair’s popular Steam Fair FM will be boradcasting a special, online 'virtual Dorset' over the planned show dates this August.

  • Traction Engine Register 2020 published

    Traction Engine Register 2020 published

    Chris Graham on 14th July 2020

    A fully-revised, new edition of the Traction Engine Register has been published. It’s the 13th in the series that commenced in 1968.

  • Bulawayo Railway Museum

    Bulawayo Railway Museum

    Chris Graham on 13th July 2020

    Chris Kapolka visits The Bulawayo Railway Museum, which recognises the importance of Cecil Rhodes' railway-building initiative in Central Africa.

  • Steam in Romania

    Steam in Romania

    Chris Graham on 10th July 2020

    In his search for steam in Romania, Derek Rayner discovers a wealth of narrow-gauge interest in and around the Transylvanian area of Sibiu.

  • Burrell on lockdown duties

    Burrell on lockdown duties

    Chris Graham on 4th July 2020

    in a West Sussex woodland clearing, Peter Mellersh set up his vintage saw bench and Burrell traction engine, Surprise, so that he could cut some timber.

  • A steam sensation, virtually!

    A steam sensation, virtually!

    Chris Graham on 3rd July 2020

    The only steam rally to be held so far this year was online and went truly ‘global’ to become a steam sensation, virtually, as Anthony Coulls explains.

  • Narrow Gauge Steam

    Narrow Gauge Steam

    Chris Graham on 20th June 2020

    Britain was the pioneer of railways, but Narrow Gauge Steam is more of an international phenomenon, as you’ll find out in this new bookazine.

  • Wheels of Industry bookazine

    Wheels of Industry bookazine

    Chris Graham on 15th May 2020

    Industrial steam at work: Each issue explores industrial railway systems that, in the vast majority of cases, have long been abandoned and lost to time.

  • Traction Engine Bookazines

    Traction Engine Bookazines

    Chris Graham on 14th May 2020

    Each edition in this series of Traction Engine Bookazines has 100 pages packed with mostly previously unpublished photographs supported by detailed and authoritative captions

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