Interesting, recently-released diecast models of tractors, trucks and vans

Posted by Chris Graham on 3rd July 2024

Mike Neale takes his monthly look at a selection of interesting, recently-released diecast models of tractors, trucks and vans.

diecast models

Diecast models: Renault Goélette Bétaillère livestock van from Hachette, by Ixo.

Last month I looked at a few of the models from Hachette’s ex-partwork 1/43 scale diecast Renault Commercial Collection. Others are also available here, with an RRP of £29.99.

Renault launched a 1400kg van in 1949, the R2061. In early 1953 this gained a 1,996cc overhead valve engine in place of the original sidevalve unit, becoming the R2066. In 1959, Renault decided to give names to their commercials, with the 1400kg becoming the Goélette, whilst the 1000kg model became the Voltigeur  A model of one of the former has been issued, a 1959 Goélette Bétaillère, or livestock truck, in grey with timber effect side panels. Production of the range continued until 1965.

diecast models

Parisian fire brigade 1953 Renault Juvaquatre van in 1/43 scale.

One of the smaller models in the collection is the 1953 Renault Juvaquatre Fourgonnette Sapeurs-Pompiers De Paris, or Paris Fire Brigade van. The Juvaquatre saloon was launched at the 1937 Paris Motor Show, the first Renault with a monocoque body and independent front suspension. The van, type AGZ1 with a load capacity of 250kg, was launched in 1938. In 1939 the rear wings were redesigned and the payload increased to 300kg, as the type AHG1 (AHG2 after the war), the appearance of the van then remaining unchanged until its demise in 1960. The original engine was a four-cylinder 23hp, 1,003cc sidevalve unit, replaced in 1953 by a four-cylinder 747cc OHV engine from the Renault 4CV, in van type R2100.

diecast models

A Paris-registered 1960 Renault Estafette pick-up.

Also available is a 1960 Renault Estafette pick-up in orange, carrying a load of sacks.  Development of the Estafette began in 1952 to compete with the Citroen H van and Peugeot D3 and dozens of pre-production vans were issued to selected clients in 1957 for testing, the full launch following in 1959. It was the first front-wheel drive Renault, allowing the 600kg payload van to have a low, flat loading platform. It used the 845cc OHV engine from the Renault Dauphine positioned between the front seats. The van had flat sides, whilst the pick-up had added side corrugations for rigidity.

Oxford Diecast
Oxford have released their 1/76 scale Sherpa van in bright yellow British Rail livery, selling for £7.95, supplementing the BR minibus version previously produced. Launched in September 1974 as the “new Leyland van,” and using many of the body panels from the outgoing J4, it was initially fitted with the 1622cc or 1798cc B-Series petrol or 1798cc diesel engine. Renamed Leyland Sherpa in 1975, Morris Sherpa in 1978, then Freight Rover Sherpa in 1981, everyone just calls them Sherpa vans. The Oxford model has a Leyland badge, correct for a T-reg van.


Also in 1/76 scale, a red and grey version of Oxford Diecast’s Ferguson TE-20 tractor is now available, retailing at £7.95. Built in a former Standard factory in Coventry previously used to build aero engines for the war effort, the first TE-20s in 1946 had an imported American engine, but from 1948 a 2-litre petrol engine from the Standard Vanguard was fitted to the TE-A 20, and they were built until 1956, with a production of over half a million.

1/76 scale red and grey Ferguson TE-20 tractor.

Universal Hobbies
A big, 1/16 scale diecast and plastic model of a 1957 Massey-Ferguson 35 has been issued by Universal Hobbies, a limited-edition of 1000 pieces, with an RRP of £78.99. They previously released the MF 35 in 1/32 scale, as well as the later MF 35X in 1/16 scale. The MF 35 was launched in 1956, painted in red and metallic Flint Grey, following the merger of Massey-Harris and Ferguson, using Standard engines running on petrol, TVO, diesel or lamp oil. From 1959, when Massey Ferguson bought F Perkins, the three-cylinder Perkins A3.152 diesel engine was offered, and colours were changed to Massey Ferguson Red and Stoneleigh Grey. Seat padding (as seen on the model) was an optional extra! The model is made of 124 parts, featuring steering, a tip-forward bonnet and hinged engine flap.

1957 Massey-Ferguson 35 from Universal Hobbies in 1/16 scale.

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