Cruise Ship Guide

Posted by Chris Graham on 26th December 2021

This new Cruise Ship Guide by Alan Moorhouse provides a fantastic overview of the modern operators and their amazing fleets.

Cruise Ship Guide

Cruise Ship Guide: This brilliant new bookazine offers comprehensive details to the world’s best cruise companies, and the amazing ships they operate.

This authoritative guide to cruise ships and cruise companies provides an overview of the modern cruise industry. The guide is organised alphabetically by cruise company, and covers the history of each company, with details of the ships in their current fleets. At least one ship from each of the different classes of cruise ships is included in each entry, together with technical data.

The focus is on ocean-going cruise ships and the companies that operate them, from Cunard to Carnival and Costa to Royal Caribbean. There are numerous outstanding photographs of the ships, with descriptions of the on-board facilities as well as details of each ship’s construction, its history and career.

Many ships have had long careers, being renamed and changing brands, and this information is included. The latest ships to enter service, such as Virgin Voyages’ Scarlet Lady, are also featured, together with the older ships that have been in service for many years, some of which can now be considered as classics.

This is an invaluable guide to the modern cruise scene and is essential to anyone with even a passing interest in cruise ships, the cruise industry and modern passenger ships. It’s available now from Kelsey Publishing for just £8.99, and it’s 100 pages are packed with wonderful colour photographs and fascinating information. To order your copy now, simply click here


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