• Cruise Ship Guide

    Cruise Ship Guide

    Chris Graham on 26th December 2021

    This new Cruise Ship Guide by Alan Moorhouse provides a fantastic overview of the modern operators and their amazing fleets.

  • Famous transatlantic Queens

    Famous transatlantic Queens

    Chris Graham on 22nd December 2021

    Cunard Line’s famous transatlantic Queens have fascinating histories, now recounted by QM2 designer Stephen Payne in a new book.

  • Scenic Railways 4 just published!

    Scenic Railways 4 just published!

    Chris Graham on 23rd October 2021

    Kelsey Publishing announces the release of Scenic Railways 4, the latest in its popular bookazine series for railway enthusiasts.

  • Steam Rollers 4 bookazine

    Steam Rollers 4 bookazine

    Chris Graham on 15th October 2021

    Steam Rollers 4 is the latest addition to the popular Old Glory Collectors Series of bookazines from Kelsey Publishing.

  • Steam Rollers Part 2

    Steam Rollers Part 2

    Chris Graham on 24th April 2021

    Soon-to-be-published Steam Rollers Part 2 is the latest bookazine for steam fans from Kelsey Publishing. Order your copy from April 30th!

  • Wheels of Industry 4

    Wheels of Industry 4

    Chris Graham on 7th April 2021

    New from Kelsey Publishing is Wheels of Industry 4; the final instalment in this fascinating and popular industrial heritage bookazine series.

  • On the Buses available now!

    On the Buses available now!

    Chris Graham on 31st March 2021

    Buckle-up for another thrilling and nostalgic addition to Kelsey Publishing’s On the Buses series, which is available to buy now.

  • The BR Chronicles: 1948-1952

    The BR Chronicles: 1948-1952

    Chris Graham on 25th March 2021

    A fascinating new bookazine series has just been launched. The BR Chronicles will tell the history of British Rail in 10 installments.

  • Classic flatbed lorry feast!

    Classic flatbed lorry feast!

    Chris Graham on 19th March 2021

    This classic flatbed lorry bookazine is brand new from Kelsey Publishing, and is a must for all commercial vehicle enthusiasts.

  • New Old Glory Archive bookazine

    New Old Glory Archive bookazine

    Chris Graham on 12th March 2021

    Steam enthusiasts will love the latest addition to the Old Glory Archive bookazine series, that’s on sale and available to order online now!

  • War at Sea 5: The Falklands War

    War at Sea 5: The Falklands War

    Chris Graham on 4th March 2021

    War at Sea 5: The Falklands War, tells the dramatic story of the UK's early 1980s conflict in the South Atlantic.

  • The Oshkosh M1070 Series

    The Oshkosh M1070 Series

    Chris Graham on 12th February 2021

    Newly-published by Kelsey Publishing, the fifth in the Military Trucks Archive series spotlights the Oshkosh M1070 Series. The fifth edition in Kelsey Publishing’s popular Military Vehicles Archive bookazine series has just been published, with this edition focussing on the British…

  • Tractor Collection 2: Fordson E27N

    Tractor Collection 2: Fordson E27N

    Chris Graham on 3rd February 2021

    Tractor Collection 2: Fordson E27N has just been published, and is the latest in the Kelsey bookazine series focussing on favourite Ford and Fordson tractors. Tractor Collection 2: Fordson E27N is the latest publication in the new vintage/classic tractor series…

  • Commercial Classics 3 published!

    Commercial Classics 3 published!

    Chris Graham on 26th January 2021

    The latest edition in the popular Commercial Classics bookazine series is out now, spotlighting a great selection of classic four-wheelers. Commercial Classics 3: Focus on four-wheelers, is the latest in this Kelsey Publishing bookazine series, and features such classic, British…

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