New Old Glory Archive bookazine

Posted by Chris Graham on 12th March 2021

Steam enthusiasts will love the latest addition to the Old Glory Archive bookazine series, that’s on sale now!

Old Glory Archive bookazine

This new edition in Kelsey Publishing’s popular Old Glory Archive bookazine series, provides enthusiasts of the weird and wonderful with an absolute treat; a visual feast of archive images from the John Crawley Collection.

To begin with there’s Traction Engine Rarities & Oddities – an eclectic mix of innovative designs, some of which will astonish you. The machines featured vary from a double-drum ploughing engine to a steam roller fitted with steel cutters. Or how about a four-wheel-drive Tasker traction engine, or the Kerr Stuart-built engine with ‘Pedrail’ wheels that walked over obstacles? These and more are included to both fascinate and entertain readers.

Old Glory Archive bookazine

Then there’s a chapter headed Traction Engines in Trouble; explosions, bridge collapses, runaways. You simply have to see them to believe some of the fixes that the unfortunate drivers managed to get themselves into!

Also, in this edition, you’ll find an interesting section featuring vintage fairground rides on the roads, as well as the rides and side stalls themselves, set-up in all their glory. Finally, you’ll be fascinated by a short chapter depicting Fowler’s Field Day, which took place back in 1887 when the engine-builder opened its doors to the public.

Old Glory Archive bookazine

John Crawley’s photographic archive has certainly proved to be a real treasure trove for this series, and this latest offering is probably the most fascinating so far. John was a real pioneer of steam preservation, saving and owning many engines himself, as well as being the man behind the early Expo steam events, and the founding father of today’s highly active and successful Bedfordshire Steam Engine Preservation Society.

Compiled by Colin Tyson, who was editor of Old Glory magazine for almost 20 years and who knew John Crawley well, this 100-page, A4-format, perfect-bound bookazine is on sale now, and you can order your copy for just £8.99, simply by clicking here.


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