Tractor Collection 2: Fordson E27N

Posted by Chris Graham on 3rd February 2021

Tractor Collection 2: Fordson E27N has just been published, and is the latest in the Kelsey bookazine series focussing on favourite Ford and Fordson tractors.

Tractor Collection 2: Fordson E27N

Tractor Collection 2: Fordson E27N is the latest publication in the new vintage/classic tractor series from Kelsey Publishing.

This second bookazine in Kelsey Publishing’s new Tractor Collection series spotlights the Fordson E27N. It’s a celebration of the model that started life as something of a stopgap tractor, but which blossomed into a formidable seller for Ford, and a farmer’s favourite around the world.

Compiled by Chris Graham, the editor of Ford & Fordson Tractors magazine, this 100-page, perfect-bound, A4-format publication is packed with content that really gets under the skin of this influential and iconic Fordson model.

Tractor Collection 2: Fordson E27N

Just over 230,000 E27Ns were built between 1945 and 1952 and, today, the model is popular with collectors, restorers and showmen alike. Prices remain remarkably affordable and, as you’ll discover from the articles that have been gathered together in this new bookazine, this model certainly ticks lots of boxes for countless enthusiast owners today.

The E27N is an appealingly straightforward tractor to maintain, repair and restore. The six-cylinder Perkins-engined variants offer all the power you could reasonably want from a 70-year-old machine and, for those seeking something a bit different, the rare half-track or County crawler models are real collector’s gems. All are featured in this new publication.

Tractor Collection 2: Fordson E27N

You can order your copy of Tractor Collection 2: Fordson E27N direct from Kelsey Publishing’s online shop for just £8.99, simply by clicking here


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