• Traction Engines 6

    Traction Engines 6

    Chris Graham on 16th December 2020

    The final instalment in the brilliant Steam Traction bookazine series, Traction Engines 6, has just been published and, in common with the previous five editions, this latest one is packed with fascinating content that’s guaranteed to pique the interest of…

  • World of Ships: Olympic, Titanic & Britannic

    World of Ships: Olympic, Titanic & Britannic

    Chris Graham on 10th December 2020

    World of Ships: Olympic, Titanic & Britannic In the recently-published World of Ships: Olympic, Titanic & Britannic – the 16th in this fascinating bookazine series brought to you by the publisher of Ships Monthly magazine – you can read all…

  • Remembering the Nineties

    Remembering the Nineties

    Chris Graham on 2nd December 2020

    Here's the latest addition to the excellent Vintage Roadscene Archive bookazine series, Remembering the Nineties, from Kelsey Publishing.

  • Fordson Dexta bookazine published!

    Fordson Dexta bookazine published!

    Chris Graham on 25th November 2020

    Ford & Fordson Tractor Collection: Fordson Dexta one of the latest additions to the ever-growing Kelsey Publishing bookazine range.

  • The Scammell Commander

    The Scammell Commander

    Chris Graham on 18th November 2020

    The newly-published Military Trucks Vol 4, covers the Scammell Commander; a mighty, 65-tonne Rolls-Royce-powered tractor.

  • On Shed 10

    On Shed 10

    Chris Graham on 14th November 2020

    On Shed 10: Depots in the Privatised Era, offers a fascinating overview of the freight and TOC facilities used recently by British railways.

  • Commercial classics 2

    Commercial classics 2

    Chris Graham on 11th November 2020

    Artics roll out: The second in a series of Commercial Classics 2 bookazines from Kelsey Publishing Ltd is available now, focussing on artics.

  • Modern Conflict: Afghanistan Part 1

    Modern Conflict: Afghanistan Part 1

    Chris Graham on 12th October 2020

    British forces first deployed to Afghanistan shortly after 9/11, to remove the Taliban from power and hunt Osama Bin Laden.

  • Wheels of Industry: Volume 3

    Wheels of Industry: Volume 3

    Chris Graham on 4th October 2020

    Wheels of Industry: Volume 3, written by Andrew Neale, covers a broad cross-section of subjects that will delight enthusiasts everywhere.

  • On the Buses: Book 8

    On the Buses: Book 8

    Chris Graham on 30th September 2020

    Once again, the clippie’s ticket machine whirs and the trolley wires sing as the evocative, new bookazine, On the Buses: Book 8 goes on sale.

  • The Diamond T tank transporter

    The Diamond T tank transporter

    Chris Graham on 18th August 2020

    This is the story of Britain’s Second-Generation Tank Transporter, the Diamond T; a vehicle offering power, torque, reliability and good looks!

  • Shelvoke & Drewry

    Shelvoke & Drewry

    Chris Graham on 14th August 2020

    Founded in 1922, Shelvoke & Drewry (SD) is one of Britain’s more interesting manufacturers of commercial vehicles, as this new, 100-page bookazine explains.

  • Ferries of the British Isles

    Ferries of the British Isles

    Chris Graham on 13th August 2020

    New from the publishers of Ships Monthly magazine is Ferries of the British Isles: Round the Coast Guide to Britain’s Ferry Routes.

  • New Bookazine catalogue launched!

    New Bookazine catalogue launched!

    Chris Graham on 8th July 2020

    The latest Kelsey Publishing Bookazine Catalogue is being launched, spotlighting four new titles being added to the extensive range of titles available.