On the Buses available now!

Posted by Chris Graham on 31st March 2021

Buckle-up for another thrilling and nostalgic addition to Kelsey Publishing’s On the Buses series, which is available now to buy.

On the Buses

On the Buses: Book 10 is newly-published by Kelsey Publishing, and abvailable to buy now!

This latest addition to the popular, On the Buses bookazine series from Kelsey Publishing, serves up yet another cracking selection of features and stories celebrating the memories of bus operators and their vehicles around Great Britain from the 1950s right through to the 1980s.

Among the highlights in this, the 10th edition, we venture across the Irish Sea for the first time in this series; Titanic Trollies takes a close look at the trolleybus system – the largest in Britain, outside London – that served until the late 1960s, and the motor buses that superseded them. We also take a look at the family-run Pennine Motor Services as well as the municipal operator of Chesterfield’s bus services.

On the Buses

Then we go east to Great Yarmouth, to spotlight the Corporation’s seaside operations, plus there’s a double-helping of Maidstone buses in Kent, including the Corporation’s long-serving trolleybuses and motor buses, and the neighbouring Maidstone & District organisation, which operated services across the county, into East Sussex and up to south-east London.

Edition 10 also includes an article from our first guest contributor to the series, Douglas MacDonald, who guides us through some of the independent operators of Lanarkshire in Lowland Lovelies.

This 100-page bookazine, which has been edited by Paul Appleton, is packed full of exclusive, full-colour images from cover to cover and is available now from Kelsey Publishing’s online shop. You can order your copy for just £8.99, simply by clicking here.


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