Steam Rollers Part 2

Posted by Chris Graham on 24th April 2021

Soon-to-be-published Steam Rollers Part 2 is the latest bookazine for steam fans from Kelsey Publishing. Order your copy from April 30th!

Steam Rollers Part 2

Soon-to-be-published Steam Rollers Part 2.

We roll on with the second in this fascinating bookazine series that focusses on the British manufacturers of the humble steam roller. Steam Rollers Part 2 serves-up another treasure trove of images and information for enthusiasts of these incredible vehicles. Some may argue that steam rollers are the least engaging members of the road-going steam vehicle family but, such a view can be countered with the idea that they are the most practical and long-lived of the lot. Either way, they provide a visual treat today, and are deservedly celebrated in this new publication.

Steam Rollers Part 2

Steam Rollers Part 2 continues with the fascinating, Aveling & Porter story, with a special section all about the company’s tandem-rollers. But there’s also plenty of page-space devoted to the rollers produced by Charles Burrell, Clayton & Shuttleworth and John Fowler & Co.

Compiled by Old Glory magazine editor, Peter Love, every instalment in the Steam Rollers bookazine series makes use of a a wealth of evocative, black and white photographs from the archives, and this edition is no exception. Many of the images included have never published before, and there are plenty depicting these wonderful machines in their working days.

Readers will also delight in a good selection of black and white and colour images of some of the same rollers that have been photographed more recently, showing them in preservation. These images offer a superb, then-and-now-type of contrast in many cases, and pay tribute to the limitless dedication of the enthusiasts who work so hard to keep these fine machine up and running.

The 100-page Steam Rollers Part 2 will be available from Kelsey Publishing from April 30th, and can be ordered from the online shop for just £8.99 simply by clicking here

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