The Footman James Coffee & Chrome show

Posted by Chris Graham on 2nd September 2022

Russ Harvey reports on the Footman James Coffee & Chrome show, which apparently attracted an entry of 1,000 assorted classic vehicles.

Footman James Coffee & Chrome

Footman James Coffee & Chrome show: This Superb 1959 Thames van looks resplendent in Maroon. (Pic: Russ Harvey)

The ‘Footman James Coffee & Chrome’ meet at the Chateau Impney took place on Sunday, 3rd July, 2022. One thousand vehicles had been entered, with the good weather ensuring a large number of them turned up. The vehicles came in all shapes and sizes, ranging from classic cars, bikes, military vehicles and scooters, to supercars, camper vans, trucks, kit cars and everything in between! Furthermore, you even got a free bacon roll at this completely free event. Among the vast array of classics, I went in search of some of the more interesting and unusual light commercials, and must say that I wasn’t disappointed with what I found.

Footman James Coffee & Chrome

A nicely-liveried 1970 850cc Mini commercial, used by a local trader. (Pic: Russ Harvey)

The Chateau and its estate, situated near Droitwich, offers a superb venue for classic vehicle events like this one and I, for one, thought it was one of the best classic shows that I’ve ever attended. There was such a range of vehicles, of all types and ages, but I have to say that the star of the show for me was a 1996 ex-BT Ford Escort which, I’m happy to report, is still a working vehicle.

Footman James Coffee & Chrome

An Ex-BT 1996 Ford Escort van, still a working vehicle and used on a daily basis, owned by Nick Ryland. (Pic: Russ Harvey)


Footman James Coffee & Chrome

A 1950 Chevrolet pick-up truck, with a superb paint job. (Pic: Russ Harvey)


Footman James Coffee & Chrome

Brian Lee’s nice 1968 Morris Minor pick-up…


… with a ‘homemade’ wooden rear body that’s soon to be replaced with the correct, metal item. (Pic: Russ Harvey)


This 1983 850 Mini van carries a superb paint job. (Pic: Russ Harvey)


A well ‘lived-in’ diesel powered Austin Maestro van. (Pic: Russ Harvey)


A 5,899cc-powered, 1968 American Ford pick-up. (Pic: Russ Harvey)


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