Classic White buses back working in Yellowstone!

Posted by Chris Graham on 19th June 2023

Kevin Hoggett reports that traditional White buses are taking tourists around Yellowstone National Park once again, as they did 60 years ago.

White buses

One of the refurbished and updated White buses awaiting customers outside the Old Faithful Inn, one of the lodges in Yellowstone National Park. (Pic: Rika Laporte)

Someone in the USA’s Yellowstone National Park, in Wyoming, must have had a streak of celebrating tradition in them… The park has been welcoming tourists travelling there in buses and coaches for more than 100 years. In 1936, the White model 706 bus was introduced, a series which grew to about 100 vehicles.

The bus in a typical Yellowstone Park setting. (Pic: Rika Laporte)

During a recent visit to the park, I discovered that by the 1960s, these venerable old vehicles had been phased out, and were replaced by more modern examples. However, in 2006, Xanterra, the company which runs the park’s lodges, bought eight of these ‘antique’ vehicles from Skagway, in Alaska. They then refurbished them with Ford V8 engines and automatic transmissions so that, today, they are a very common sight in the park where they operate sightseeing tours for visitors, just as their predecessors did some 60 years ago. 

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