Recently-released diecast and resin models

Posted by Chris Graham on 18th August 2023

Mike Neale takes a look at another interesting selection of recently-released diecast and resin models aimed at enthusiast collectors.

diecast and resin models

Diecast and resin models: Tiny Toys’ Mini AA Van is to 1/50 scale.

Diecast and resin model specialist Tiny Toys, from Hong Kong, has released its 1/50 scale diecast model Mini Van in yellow AA Patrol Service livery, matching the vehicle on the cover of my dad’s old 1966/67 AA Members Handbook that I was given as a child, and still have. It’s a cute model selling for £22.99, although I do wonder whether the manufacturer needed to make all of the doors open, as it does make for rather large shut lines at this scale, if it’s intended for model collectors rather than as a toy needing added play value. But perhaps the clue is in the name – Tiny Toys.

I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for the Bedford J1 Lomas Ambulance – I’m sure it’s perfectly normal. Anyway, Oxford has issued a 1/76 scale model in white with black wings and bonnet with a red sidestripe, as operated in Aberystwyth, dating from 1970. There’s a good level of detail, including the bilingual Medical Officer’s details in English and Welsh on the nearside lower body. As well as a blue roof beacon, there’s a roof-mounted siren and a Winkworth bell on the front bumper. All this for £8.95. The Bedford J-Type (aka TJ) was launched in 1958 and, amazingly, lasted until 1999 for overseas markets. Later ones were built by AWD and then Marshalls, although the Herbert Lomas ambulances were only produced until the 1970s.

diecast and resin models

The Aberystwyth Bedford J1 Lomas Ambulance from Oxford Diecast.

Sticking with 1/76 scale Bedfords, Oxford’s RL military 4WD truck has been released in desert light stone colour with a dark beige canvas tilt, as used by the 58 Company, Royal Army Service Corps, in Cyprus. There’s a roof hatch on top of the cab on this version, and the blue/yellow shield with two lions on the front identifies it as being deployed in Cyprus. Price is £16.95.

diecast and resin models

The full-size Bedford RL of 58 Company, Royal Army Service Corps was deployed in Cyprus.

The bright yellow dumper truck is a 1979 Scammell LD55 in the livery of the National Coal Board (NCB), again in 1/76 scale. The real-life trucks, with their forward-sloping split windscreens and produced from 1964 to 1971, were badged as AEC 690 and Aveling Barford as well as a Scammell. Oxford previously issued an AEC version, and an Aveling Barford is sure to follow. This one sells for £22.95. 

A Scammell LD55 of the NCB, as modelled by Oxford.

Oxford has issued its 1/76 scale Commer PB as a typical plain white van, representing a 1969 vehicle, with an RRP of £7.45. My only criticism is that the black-painted grille surround looks a bit clunky on a model that otherwise captures the feel of the real thing well. The Commer PB arrived in 1967 as an evolution of the Commer 1500FC that was launched in 1960. From 1965, it had the 1,725cc Rootes engine or a Perkins 4.108 diesel. In 1977, it was face-lifted as the Dodge Spacevan that was then built until 1983.

Commer PB in white, Oxford’s latest 1/76 version.

Following on from the closed version previously issued, Oxford’s 1/76 scale Massey Ferguson 135 has been released as an open tractor for summer use in yellow with a grey engine and black seat, and is priced at £7.45. The MF 135 was built from 1964 to 1975 in both Coventry and Detroit, and was usually powered by a Perkins 45.5hp AD3-152, 2.5-litre, three-cylinder direct injection diesel engine. However, petrol engines were available; the British-built ones having a Standard Motor Co four-cylinder unit. An impressive 413,153 MF 135s were built in Coventry alone.

The Massey Ferguson 135 open tractor in yellow, from Oxford Diecast.

All the diecast and resin models featured here can be found online and at various model shops, such as Hattons, Sheffield Transport Models, Jacksons Models, Scale Farm, Farm Models, Brushwood Toys or Diecast Legends (  See also Oxford Diecast.

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