Celebrating the Ergomatic cab’s 60th birthday!

Posted by Chris Graham on 9th May 2024

We mark the 60th anniversary of the introduction of one of the most significant lorry cabs from the classic era, Leyland’s Ergomatic.


(Slight) variations on a theme; from left to right we have AEC-, Leyland- and Albion-badged versions of the Ergomatic cab which, this year, celebrates its 60th birthday.

Commercial vehicle enthusiasts will no doubt be interested to learn that 2024 marks the 60th anniversary of the introduction of Leyland’s iconic Ergomatic cab. It was a significant design that featured on many models of AEC, Albion and Leyland-badged lorries.

The ‘Ergo’ was significant in a number of respects; it was the first cab to be designed with driver comfort and convenience as a major consideration. Up to that point, the general attitude had been that the driver was being paid to do a job and, therefore, had to accept whatever was provided for him.

The Ergomatic was also one of the first cabs to be designed with aesthetics in mind as well as practicality. However, as Alan Bunting points out on this month’s letters page, cab noise was an issue. Additionally, as those who encountered ‘Ergos’ that are more than a few years old will know only too well, rust resistance wasn’t exactly brilliant, either.

Anyway, the Leyland Society has told us that it will be marking this significant event at its annual gathering which, this year, takes place at the British Commercial Vehicle Museum in Leyland on July 7th, and a special invitation is extended to anyone with a Ergo-cabbed vehicle. To find out more, go to:

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