Interesting commercials at Euro Auctions sale

Posted by Chris Graham on 3rd May 2022

A number of interesting commercials were sold at the Euro Auctions sale in Leeds during early March, as David Reed explains.

Euro Auctions sale

A 1987 Bedford AWD fuel tanker, showing 87,436km and carrying Irish Republic registration plates, sold for £2.500.

Among the first vehicles to catch my eye at this interesting Euro Auctions event were a pair of Scania 112Ms, in the livery of Chris Shearer of Fenwick. The vehicles certainly looked as though they were in need of a fair amount of work to get them back on the road, but they weren’t beyond repair. 

Euro Auctions sale

This 1986 Bedford 4×4 fuel tanker had 11,663km on the clock, and found a new home for £3,000.

The first was a 6×2 rear lift (registered C403 BBA), said to date from 1986 and fitted with a hydraulic lift and manual gearbox. It sold for £4,250. The second, an older Scania 112M 4×2 (reg. C196 YUG) – also fitted with a manual gearbox – went for £2,750. 

Euro Auctions sale

Looking somewhat rough, this 1986 Scania 112M 6×2 was fitted with a hydraulic crane and manual gearbox. It had 336,213km on the clock, and sold for £4,250.

While the Scanias looked in need of a full restoration – or indeed to be more suitable as spares donor vehicles – a 1998 Kenworth T300 4×2 recovery truck appeared looked to be ready for the road. Registered R182 FEX, it was in excellent condition, and so it was no surprise that it went on to make £30,000.

This 1985 Scania 112M 4×2 was fitted with a manual gearbox. It looked to have stood for a few years before coming up for sale, and went for £2,750 in the auction.

Having an ex-military feel were a trio of Bedford vehicles that were Irish Republic-registered. The first was a Bedford TM 4X4 service vehicle that looked a little rough around the edges, and sold for £9,000. Also looking pretty work-worn were a couple of Bedford 4×4 fuel tankers; the first of which dated from 1987 and was showing 87,436km on the clock. That vehicle sold for £2,500 while, doing slightly better despite being a year older, another 4×2 made £3,000 – the difference being that this example had only got 11,663km behind it.

In very good condition, this 1998 Kenworth T300 4×2 recovery vehicle soon found a new home when it sold for £30,000.

Euro Auctions’ sales are, of course, generally all about selling modern vehicles, but there are often a couple of surprises that are of interest to the vintage enthusiast, and this sale was no exception.

Looking somewhat work-worn, this Bedford TM 4×4 service vehicle saw bidding eventually reach a selling price of £9,000.

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