HMS Victory’s 10-year renovation plan announced

Posted by Chris Graham on 11th July 2022

John Megoran explains the once-in-a-generation renovation project that’s about to start on Nelson’s flagship, HMS Victory.

HMS Victory

A decade-long project will ensure HMS Victory is protected for the next half century. She will be fully re-rigged, at an overall cost of £35 million for the project.

In May scaffolding was erected around the hull of HMS Victory to provide a temporary structure in preparation for the ‘Great Repair’, which offers a once-in-a-generation opportunity to see under the skin of a First-Rate ship of the line.

Platforms will surround the ship in phases, encasing it in a secure structure that, in phase one, will run from the mizzen mast to the fore mast. In phase two the bow will be covered and, in phase three, the stern. This will allow shipwrights and conservators access to the extensive rotten hull planking to remove it. What remains will be left to dry out before repairs can start, and the whole ship will be re-planked with new oak timber. 

Full public access at three levels for viewing the works will be available throughout the process so that visitors will be able to ascend the scaffolding to see specialist shipwrights at work. 

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