Bargains at the Somerset Vintage Tractor Show’s sale

Posted by Chris Graham on 19th April 2024

Peter Love reports on some of the interesting classic tractors that were recently sold at the Somerset Vintage Tractor Show’s auction.

Somerset Vintage Tractor

First under the hammer at the Somerset Vintage Tractor Show’s sale was this French-made, UK-used narrow MF 158. It sold for £2,600.

There were 76 tractors entered into the HJ Pugh-run sale at the Somerset Vintage Tractor Show in late January, and more than 80% of the lots sold. The first Massey Ferguson under the hammer was a tatty, French-made MF 158 narrow, complete with a Duncan cab and PVT wheels, which made just £2,600.

It was followed by a well presented, original-style TE-F 20 complete with Ferguson saw bench on the back but, with bidding having reached just £1,900, it didn’t sell. A Ferguson Brown A (No. 1109) on steel wheels and painted suffered a similar fate, this one reaching £16,000, but not selling.

Somerset Vintage Tractor

This 1988 MF 350 with loader, front bucket and V5c was sold for £10,500. The 1985 Massey Ferguson 698T with loader in the background made £8,100.

A Mitsubishi-engined Ferguson TE-D 20 reached £800 and failed to sell, as did a 1977 1200, when the bidding stalled at £6,800. However, one that did sell was a 1967 135 with Duncan cab, 6,101 hours and V5c. It found a buyer at £5,850 + VAT.

Somerset Vintage Tractor

This Massey Ferguson 35X, with Industrial block fitted, found a new owner for £3,100.

Among the newer machines was a 1988 Massey Ferguson 350 with loader, front bucket and V5c, which changed hands for £10,500, and a 1985 MF 698T with loader (grade 9.3) that went for £8,100.

One of the unsold tractors at this sale was this MF 1200, for which the bidding reached just £6,800.

An original and clean (albeit rusty) Ferguson TE-D 20 made £1,400, then a Massey Ferguson 35X (grade 1.8) with an Industrial block fitted and painted bonnet sold for £3,100. Also there was an original-style 35 (with 23c four-cylinder diesel) that made £1,200 and a rough, spares donor-type Massey-Harris 101 that made £400 + VAT.

The one they all wanted was this 1967 Massey Ferguson 135 with Duncan cab. It sold for £5,850

This was an up-and-down type of sale, but lots did sell. What’s more, there were over 50% more tractors offered than is normal, which is a really good sign that the sale is being taken seriously.

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