Rare Belgian-built Bollinckx engines

Posted by Chris Graham on 21st April 2023

Mark van Lankveld outlines his stationary engine collection, which includes a pair of impressively large and rare Bollinckx engines.

Bollinckx engines

The Bollinckx engine, serial number 411, as exhibited at the Nuenen Rally in 2022.

I was surprised and delighted to see that my Bollinckx engine was featured in the Nuenen Show report in the October issue of Stationary Engine, and more so, to receive a request from the editor for more information on the engine and other engines in my collection. I hope that the following will be of interest. 

Bollinckx engines

A side view of the engine.

I have two Bollinckx engines; the largest carries the serial number 987 and dates from 1918. It was originally a gas engine but, in 1929, it was converted to operate on diesel fuel. Its later life was spent driving a cattle feed mill; I purchased the engine in 2014.

Bollinckx engines

This Class OH15 Ruston & Hornsby is awaiting restoration.

I have a second Bollinckx engine with the serial number 411. It is rated at 15hp and is thought to date from around 1905. Unfortunately, no history is known about this engine.

A head-on view of the engine.

I have a liking for engines that are a little larger than the sort one normally encounters at vintage shows, including a few British-built engines; there is a 50hp Tangye built in 1933, a Ruston & Hornsby Class 4M built in 1926 which runs on diesel oil and needs to be pre-heated before starting. I understand that this is not a common model of Ruston & Hornsby, especially on mainland Europe.

This large Bollinckx engine dates from 1918.

I have a second Ruston & Hornsby engine, which is a Class OH15 built in 1922. When dating this engine, Ray Hooley stated that it was the first OH15 he has been asked to date. Alas, no history is known about this engine.

Another engine in my collection is this 50hp Tangye.


Here we see a Ruston & Hornsby Class 4M, it dates from 1926.

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