1907 Stanley steam car keeps getting better

Posted by Chris Graham on 20th March 2024

We report on the continuing progress made by Martin Nutter on his amazing, 1907 Stanley steam car, which should be out and about in April.

1907 Stanley

This 1907 Stanley 25hp Roadster is in the workshop at the moment, having a new piston-valve engine fitted. The steam car is set to debut at Bodle Street Green on April 21st. (Pic: Peter Love)

Martin Nutter continues to develop his fabulous 1907 Stanley 25hp Roadster on the south coast, which must surely now be one of the best examples of its type in the UK. When Martin purchased the car it was in bits and carried a two-cylinder piston-valve which had had a crack repaired. While rebuilding the car so well, he replaced the assembly with a Stanley slide-valve engine.

However, a Stanley patron in the USA has cast a number of these piston-valve engines and Martin has acquired one of these assemblies and worked throughout last winter fitting the more advanced Stanley engine into the Roadster. The engine has lots of drain taps associated with it.

Recently changed hands is Trevor Gurr’s historic Stanley, which has been fitted with a tiller-steer set-up. (Pic: Peter Love)

The Roadster is eerily capable of speeding along at 55mph on the Pevensey Levels, and a lot is expected of this more powerful piston-valve engine once it’s been properly run-in. The car is set to debut in this configuration at the Bodle Street Green Vintage Vehicle ‘Drive It Day’ event, which will be taking place on Sunday, April 21st, in the centre of the small, East Sussex village. Do come along for a look at the Stanley, and to enjoy the event.

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