Diamond T

  • The business of bus recovery

    The business of bus recovery

    Chris Graham on 23rd September 2021

    Mike and Julie Blenkinsop take a nostalgic look at the business of bus recovery and the inventive ways operators have tackled it.

  • Mighty 1943 Diamond T!

    Mighty 1943 Diamond T!

    Chris Graham on 2nd November 2020

    Nick Larkin samples a mighty 1943 Diamond T that’s been painstakingly restored as an exact replica of a family-owned example from the 1950s.

  • The Diamond T tank transporter

    The Diamond T tank transporter

    Chris Graham on 18th August 2020

    This is the story of Britain’s Second-Generation Tank Transporter, the Diamond T; a vehicle offering power, torque, reliability and good looks!

  • Heavy-metal love affair

    Heavy-metal love affair

    Chris Graham on 21st July 2020

    Graham Booth adores heavy haulage and vehicle restoration and, as Ed Burrows explains, was instrumental in nurturing his daughter’s heavy-metal love affair.

  • Scammell Pioneer (TRMU20, TRMU30)

    Scammell Pioneer (TRMU20, TRMU30)

    Chris Graham on 10th April 2020

    A new release in the Military Trucks Archive, Scammell Pioneer TRMU20, TRMU30 is packed with information and rare photographs covering this influential and accomplished heavy tractor

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