old tractors

  • 1917 Burrell 5hp SCC Devonshire engine

    1917 Burrell 5hp SCC Devonshire engine

    Chris Graham on 12th November 2021

    We report from September's Longstock Rally in Hampshire, at which a wonderful, 1917 Burrell 5hp SCC Devonshire engine was one of the stars.

  • A 1949 Renault 3042

    A 1949 Renault 3042

    Chris Graham on 13th October 2021

    Roy MacGregor has been collecting old tractors for years, and recently imported a 1949 Renault 3042, as Bob Weir reports.

  • 1958 Power Major Roadless

    1958 Power Major Roadless

    Chris Graham on 17th February 2021

    George Nisbet owns a 1958 Power Major Roadless that has been in the family since 1964. Bob Weir went to Aberdeenshire to meet them both. Photography: George Nisbet The 1958 Power Major Roadless has been in the Nisbet family for…

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