Scammell Lorries Ltd

  • 100th anniversary of Scammell Lorries

    100th anniversary of Scammell Lorries

    Chris Graham on 12th August 2022

    Zack Stiling reports from the great event which celebrated the momentous, 100th anniversary of Scammell Lorries Ltd.

  • Historic 1923 Scammell S12

    Historic 1923 Scammell S12

    Chris Graham on 22nd March 2021

    We report on the life and times of an historic 1923 Scammell S12, and its recent, shake-down tests following a solid-tyre wheel conversion.

  • Iconic heavy haulage

    Iconic heavy haulage

    Chris Graham on 28th June 2020

    Over the years, Scammell produced some of the most iconic heavy haulage and recovery tractors in the world, as Mike and Julie Blenkinsop explain.

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