Colourful Bolivian buses!

Posted by Chris Graham on 8th July 2021

Kevin Hoggett reports from the vibrant streets in South America, on some colourful Bolivian buses he spotted in La Paz.

Colourful Bolivian buses

Colourful Bolivian buses: Here are a couple of Dodge ‘Micro’ buses, each with different bodywork, in service in La Paz city centre.

Although the capital city of Bolivia in South America is Sucre, the third largest city in the country – La Paz – is often referred to as the capital, and is officially known as Nuestra Señora de La Paz.

Colourful Bolivian buses

Two more Dodges in the hill-top suburb of El Alto.

For its local bus services, La Paz, a city of hills, relies largely on small buses which are known as ‘Micros’. Almost without exception, these are of North American build, dating from the 1960s.

Colourful Bolivian buses

An extravagantly-painted blue Dodge negotiating one of the city’s steep, narrow streets.

The majority have chassis by Dodge or Chevrolet, but I did spot one with the name of ‘Ford’ on the front. These little vehicles are ideal for negotiating the steep and narrow streets of the city, but also provide a colourful addition to the local landscape as they’re typically painted using very bright colours, as you can see in the photographs here. 

Two Chevrolet ‘Micros’ waiting to collect school groups at the historic site of Tiahuanaco.


A less-common Ford example alongside another somewhat more modern form of local transport. (Pic: Rika Laporte)


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