Collectable Highwayman and Constructor models from Corgi

Posted by Chris Graham on 22nd September 2023

Mike Neale takes a look at the interesting and extensive post-1995 Highwayman and Constructor ranges modelled by Corgi.


Corgi’s Esso Highwayman tanker.

Recently I looked at both period toys and handbuilt collectors’ models of the Scammell Motive Unit, Showtrac, Highwayman and the bigger Constructor. From 1995, there was suddenly a bigger choice available, as Corgi Classics began producing a new range of 1/50 scale diecast models of both the Highwayman and the Constructor.  Early issues were without windscreen wipers, then chrome plastic wipers were introduced, with some of the later issues having finer, photo-etched wipers. All came with separate mirrors to fit.


Corgi Highwayman tanker in Shell-BP’s later livery.

Corgi Highwayman Tankers
Popular versions of the Corgi Scammell Highwayman were the articulated tankers, with Scammell being a marque traditionally associated with petroleum transport. An early issue in 1995 was an Esso tanker in red (model No. 16302), with the squared-off wings incorporating single headlights and a deep chrome front bumper.

In the same year, a Shell Mex-BP version was issued, in the company’s later yellow, white, grey and black livery (97840), with square wings, twin headlights and a chrome bumper. I think my favourite version, however, is the Shell-BP tanker in the earlier green, red and black livery (16306), with square wings and single headlights, issued in 1998, accompanied by a petrol pump and an unpainted Corgi dog. 


The earlier Shell-BP livery by Corgi, complete with a petrol pump and Corgi dog.

A Tunnel Cement tanker in pale grey (16305) with square wings, single headlights and no front bumper appeared in the ‘Building Britain’ series in 1997. Later came a British Oxygen version in maroon and silver (CC10701), with square wings, single headlights and a chrome bumper in the ‘Kings of the Road’ series of 2001.


Tunnel Cement Highwayman tanker from Corgi.

Other tanker liveries were Guinness (16301), Ever Ready (16303), Crow Carrying Company (16304), Pointer (97367) and Manbré & Garton Sugars (CC10702).

Corgi Highwayman Crane Trucks
One of the first cranes to be issued in 1995 was in dark blue Pickfords livery (97368). This had the more old-fashioned looking round wings with the headlamps mounted either side of the grille. A crane truck with the square wings appeared in green Chris Miller Ltd livery as part of a set (31003), with an AEC Ergomatic articulated low-loader in 1997.


The Pickfords Highwayman crane truck showing the older-style, rounded wings.

Other crane truck liveries were Southdown (16102), Chipperfields Circus (97886) and a John Crow & Sons ‘set’ with an ice cream stall (16101). 


This Highwayman crane truck was part of a Corgi Chris Miller set.

Corgi Highwayman Low Loader and Flatbed Trailer
Articulated low-loaders also appeared, of course, in Pickfords dark blue livery (16702) with rounded wings in 1997. In the same year, a Wynns set, with a Bedford S-Type tractor unit as well as the Scammell Highwayman with rounded wings and low-loader trailer, was issued in red and black (31004) in the ‘Heavy Haulage’ range.

Wynns Highwayman low-loader set with a Bedford S-Type tractor unit.

Other low-loaders included Pickfords with a generator load (16703), Pickfords with a coldcast transformer load (16704), Short Bros with Luffing Shovel (31010), Pointer with a cable drum load (CC10703) and Hallett Silbermann with a ballast box and low-loader (16901).

One of several versions of the Pickfords Highwayman low-loader issued by Corgi.

Flatbed trailers were released in Westfield Transport Ltd livery with a cradled load (CC10704) and in Siddle C Cook livery (16401). A dropside trailer came in Pentus Brown livery (16201).

Corgi Highwayman Ballast Tractor 
Of course, many Scammell Highwaymen were fitted with ballast boxes, and there was no shortage of models of these from Corgi. For example, a Department of the Environment truck in tan and black livery (CC10707) was issued in 2005.

Department of the Environment Highwayman ballast tractor from Corgi.

Other ballast box liveries included Pickfords, part of a set with a Land Rover 109 Series 2 (16601), Carters Steam Fair with a closed-pole trailer and caravan (16501), Carters Steam Fair with a box trailer and roofload (CC10706), Cadburys towing a flatbed trailer (16002), John Jameson & Son towing a flatbed trailer (16001), Jennings Fairs Devizes, Continental Dodgems, towing a dodgem trailer (16602), Pat Collins Fair with closed-pole trailer and caravan (16502), Harris’s towing a caravan (CC10705), R Edwards Amusements towing two dodgem trailers (97920), Chipperfields Circus towing two trailers (97915), Chipperfields Circus towing a trailer and caravan (97885), Billy Smart’s Circus towing two trailers (97897) and Pinder Jean Richard towing two cage trailers (16801).  Phew, that’s those done!

Corgi Scammell Constructor  
The larger Scammell Constructor appeared in Siddle C Cook livery in red (17501) in 1997. Based in Consett, County Durham, its heavy haulage business continued until 1972. After selling his original business in the 1960s, Siddle C Cook founded Elddis (which is Siddle backwards) Transport, again in Consett, in 1971, with six trucks.

Siddle C Cook Constructor in red by Corgi.

Also in 1997, a Suntor Bros Constructor in grey towing a 24-wheel low-loader trailer with load (17602) was released. Suntor Bros of Northallerton, North Yorkshire, was, for many years, a well-known name in heavy haulage. The company was taken over by Bulwalk United Transport in 1964 and, in 1986, the heavy haulage operation was merged with Wynns and Econofreight. Scammell Junior Constructor NAJ 920 was one of its fleet.

Corgi’s Constructor in Sunter Bros livery with photo-etched wipers, from the Scammell Story set.

A later issue from 2003 was in Parker Bent blue, white and red livery (CC11102). The company was both a heavy haulage contractor and a Scammell service agent.

Other liveries were another red Siddle Cook Constructor towing a 24-wheel low loader trailer with load (17603), Siddle Cook in cream and red (CC11101), a pair of all-over dark blue Pickfords Scammell Constructors with a 24-wheel low-loader trailer (17701), Pickfords in dark blue with a white roof (CC11103), a dark blue Pickfords wrecker (17502), Hills of Botley towing a 24-wheel low-loader trailer (17601), Chipperfields Circus with a canon and ringmaster (17801) and a pair of Wimpey Scammell Constructors with a 24-wheel low-loader trailer (17702).  

Parker Bent Scammell Constructor from Corgi.

There was also a Corgi set, ‘The Scammell Story’ (CC99140), issued in 2003, containing a Constructor in grey Sunter Bros livery, a dark blue Pickfords Highwayman, a cream and red Scammell Trucks Highwayman, a British Railways Scarab tractor unit, a Wynns Scammell Contractor and a BRS Southern Scammell Crusader.

Although out of production for some years, many of these Corgi models can still be found online and at toy fairs.

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