The Cotswold Oil Engine & Preservation Society’s sale

Posted by Chris Graham on 22nd May 2024

Patrick Knight reports on the engines being offered at the Cotswold Oil Engine & Preservation Society’s early-season Bring & Buy sale.

Oil Engine & Preservation

This 2 ½ hp enclosed crankcase National F had ‘SOLD’ chalked on the water hopper by the time we had reached the vendor’s pitch.

The Cotswold Oil Engine & Preservation Society held its early season Bring & Buy sale at Little Clanfield, Oxfordshire, on Saturday 20th April, 2024. The day was bright and sunny and the organisers were pleased that sale was well-supported by both sellers and visitors; unlike the Society’s late-2023 event.

Oil Engine & Preservation

Here’s something we don’t encounter on the rally field very often – a Cushman vertical binder engine.

It has been a good many years since I attended one of the Society’s sales that was back in the days when it was held at the Newbery Race Course. It was good to catch-up with a few old engine friends, many of whom I had not seen face to face for longer than I care to remember.

Oil Engine & Preservation

This Lister F and Blackstone ‘Unchokeable’ pump was priced at £350.

There were a fair number of engines being offered for sale, although these were predominantly Listers with numerous examples of the D type, A type, CS diesel and a F type direct-coupled to a Blackstone ‘Non-Chokeable’ water pump.

Oil Engine & Preservation

This little EEC charging set was priced at £50.

There were a few other makes of engines; such as a nicely-presented National late model F with enclosed crankcase, a vertical Cushman binder engine, and a Teles open-crank (ex-dragsaw, I believe). Other makes included Wolseley WD2, Stuart Turner, Fowler, Tarpen with generator and an ex-Military charging set.

Oil Engine & Preservation

The only open-crank engine on offer was this ‘Teles’.

There were also numerous boxes to be investigated for that elusive part(s) you had been searching for. There were also numerous makes and models of water pump all looking for a new home.

This was only Wolseley WD2 engine I saw for sale.

We left the site at around noon, after having spent a good three hours looking at rusty iron.

Two of the engines on offer; a Fowler (L) and Lister D type (R).

The next Cotswold Oil Engine & Preservation Society Bring & Buy sale will take place at Little Clanfield on 14th September, 2024; details can be found on the Society’s website.

Tarpen and generator.


Here we see one of several Lister A/B type engines; the majority of which were in need of a full restoration..

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