Stationary Engine

  • Teagle hedge trimmer engine

    Teagle hedge trimmer engine

    Chris Graham on 15th November 2021

    Steve Stuart reports on a recent lockdown project; the restoration of a long-neglected Teagle hedge trimmer engine. 

  • Long-awaited stationary engine show

    Long-awaited stationary engine show

    Chris Graham on 6th November 2021

    Alan and Lynne Cullen report from a long-awaited and well-attended stationary engine show that took place back in the summer, in leafy Surrey.  

  • Cheffins mid-term sale

    Cheffins mid-term sale

    Chris Graham on 17th September 2021

    We report from a very successful Cheffins mid-term sale at which a number of impressive new records were set for interesting machinery.

  • Bedford J2 coach sells well

    Bedford J2 coach sells well

    Chris Graham on 7th August 2021

    We report from a recent John Goodwin sale at Malvern, at which the stars were a rare, Bedford J2 coach and stationary engines.

  • Ruston & Hornsby PT engine rebuild

    Ruston & Hornsby PT engine rebuild

    Chris Graham on 12th July 2021

    David Hughes reports on the successful restoration of his Ruston & Hornsby PT stationary engine; a real labour of love!

  • Air-cooled Amanco engines

    Air-cooled Amanco engines

    Chris Graham on 2nd July 2021

    D Curryer spotlights his three air-cooled Amanco engines, and wonders about the marque’s popularity in Scotland.

  • Crossley PH 1030 engine found!

    Crossley PH 1030 engine found!

    Chris Graham on 21st May 2021

    Anthony Fides provides some photographs of his latest find, and interesting Crossley Brothers PH 1030 enclosed crank engine.

  • 1926 Petter-Reavell compressor unit

    1926 Petter-Reavell compressor unit

    Chris Graham on 8th May 2021

    Patrick Knight provides a little history relating to a 1926 Petter-Reavell compressor unit that’s now in New Zealand.

  • Rare Coventry Victor petrol engines

    Rare Coventry Victor petrol engines

    Chris Graham on 9th April 2021

    Phillip Scott, from Western Australia, requests help concerning two, recently-acquired Coventry Victor petrol engines.

  • Paxman oil engines

    Paxman oil engines

    Chris Graham on 29th March 2021

    Gus Ellis reports on a trip he made to the Museum of Power in Essex, and the interesting Paxman oil engines he found there.

  • Rare Regalite generating set  

    Rare Regalite generating set  

    Chris Graham on 14th March 2021

    Michael Roberts recounts the story of how he managed to become the owner of a rare Regalite generating set.

  • Fairbanks, Morse & Co Type H engine

    Fairbanks, Morse & Co Type H engine

    Chris Graham on 21st February 2021

    Gareth Bolton explains the fundamental attachment he has for his cherished Fairbanks, Morse & Co Type H engine. The Fairbanks, Morse & Co Type H engine, as originally purchased from Rod Stride. My association with this engine, a petrol/paraffin Fairbanks,…

  • Bancroft Mill Engine Museum

    Bancroft Mill Engine Museum

    Chris Graham on 13th February 2021

    David Vaughan visits the Bancroft Mill Engine Museum, and wonders what will become of the UK’s smaller industrial heritage sites like this in the face of prolonged, enforced closure. Bancroft Mill Engine Museum: The main engine house which, together with…