A fascinating stationary engine collection sold.

Posted by Chris Graham on 23rd October 2023

Gary Thorne reports from a fascinating stationary engine collection sale which took place in New South Wales, Australia in August.

stationary engine

Hornsby Akroyd, s/n 9122, made AU$9,500. (£4,776).

I have noted that there have been a number of sale reports in Stationary Engine, so I thought fellow readers might be interested in the prices realised at the recent Miller & James auction clearance sale of a large private collection of engines and other items that took place at Stockinbingal, NSW, in mid-August.

stationary engine

This 16hp Ruston Proctor sold for AU$25,000. (£12,584).

There were more than 90 engines on offer and, with so many up for sale, the majority were of British manufacture, I don’t think it appropriate to list them all individually, so I have selected just a few to show UK enthusiasts what early British engines are selling for here in Australia in mid 2023.

stationary engine

This Corbett Williams sold for AU$11,000. (£5,530).

The engines, (in no particular order), included an Allan at AU$9,000. There were several Blackstone oil engines, with the most expensive selling for $11,000. A Petter Handyman made AU$6,600, several Hornsby engines sold for AU$5,000 to AU$9,500, 16hp Ruston Proctor at AU$25,000 (the top price on the day) Crossley Brothers LL on transport AU$5,250 and a type KK sold for a little more at AU$5,500, A nice looking 4hp Corbett Williams made AU$11,000, while a Campbell Samson sold for AU$10,500. A Pasley engine made AU$7,750.

stationary engine

Crossley Brothers LL engine. (£2,340).

Of the smaller engines, there were just a couple of Listers, an A type at AU$700 and an 8hp at AU$1,500. A Bradford enclosed-crank model made AU$1,250 while an un-restored Wolseley Alma open-crank made AU$1,300. A 3hp Powell made AU$2,750.

One of the smaller engines, a Bradford; it made AU$1,250. (£629).

The prices quoted are in Australian dollars, but when the figures are converted into pound sterling they don’t seem quite so great. At the time of writing this report the exchange rate was AU$ 1.99  to £1 sterling.

Campbell ‘Samson’ made AU$10,750. (£5,640).


This Wolseley ‘Alma’ sold for AU$1,300. (£654).


This was the highest priced Blackstone at AU$11,000 (£5,530).

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