Villa Wrea Autumn Steam Fair

Posted by Chris Graham on 19th November 2021

Sue Ogden reports from the first Villa Wrea Autumn Steam Fair, which turned out to be an outstanding success.

Villa Wrea Autumn Steam Fair

Frank Lythgoe’s Burrell Dreadnought in the hands of Simon Priestner. (Pic: Sue Ogden)

Held in excellent weather, the first Villa Wrea Autumn Steam Fair, organised by Paul Quigley and Sentinel S4 waggon owner, Peter Waring, together with The Rotary Club of Kirkham & Rural Fylde, was an outstanding success, raising an amazing £22,000 for local charities.

Villa Wrea Autumn Steam Fair

Will Woodward’s 5hp McLaren WD heavy tractor, now with three speed and belly tanks, gets together with Princess Marina and Mike Wilkinson’s Foden STG timber tractor. (Pic: Sue Ogden)

Besides the 12 steam engines that were on show, visitors also enjoyed seeing about 60 tractors, assorted commercial vehicles and much else besides at this great well-organised event. The major feature was ‘Wurzel’ Mike Wilkinson’s belated 60th birthday celebrations and the debut of his 1914 Foden No. 4752 6hp road locomotive Sandy Macnab, and the recently finished unique 1910 Foden No. 2104 showman’s Prospector.

Villa Wrea Autumn Steam Fair

Looking superb is Prospector after its full overhaul with John Johnson.

Mike also had his two Foden steam wagons at the event, including George No.13266 which worked in Kent with Sandy Macnab during the 1940s and ’50s, and later rallied together in a fine brown livery similar to what Sandy Macnab carries today. Plant contractor Mike also had his Foden STG timber tractor on display as well.

The engine that overshadowed Foden showman’s Prospector was this 1914 Foden 6hp road locomotive Sandy Macnab. (Pic: Sue Ogden)

The furthest-travelled exhibitor was the Searles family from Horsham, in West Sussex, with their 1920 Burrell 6hp showman’s engine Princes Marina. It was also good to see Simon Priestner in attendance with Frank Lythgoe’s 1909 Burrell DCC 8hp No. 3093 showman’s engine Dreadnought. Simon does a wonderful job with this engine, thanks to skills learnt from his grandfather.         

Hywell Davis was at the show with his Castle Rock Sentinel S4 and ex-Irish 1931 Ransomes, Sims & Jefferies 6hp compound No. 42032 Velfrey Queen, which has now gone to John Johnson’s for a 10-year test and more. (Pic: Sue Ogden)

Congratulations to everyone who helped with raising so much money, and for getting this new event in Lancashire off the ground so successfully.

Sandy Macnab is now as quiet as a mouse after its rebuild. (Pic: Sue Ogden)

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