A Champion blower in action

Posted by Chris Graham on 5th May 2022

Chris Gayle enjoys exhibiting his Champion blower with some of his stationary engines to fascinated audiences in Ireland.

Champion blower

The Champion blower is seen here being driven by an HW Davey engine.

There was an article in Stationary Engine a few months ago featuring forge blowers in Ireland; well I would like to say that I, too, have a fine example of one of these blowers. It was manufactured by the Champion Blower & Forge Co, of Lancaster, PA, USA.

Here the blower is belted to a 1950 Petter WH1.

I have taken it to a few rallies and it never fails to attract plenty of interest from the visiting public. Suffering a little from cabin-fever, I decided that I should give a few of my engines – and the blower – a run, and enclose a few photographs that I hope will be of interest to fellow engine enthusiasts.

The blower seen on the rally field; it’s being powered by a 1927 Acorn-Hopper Petter engine.


Champion blower

My Champion No 4 blower; it was manufactured in Lancaster, PA, USA.

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