• A unique AEC Mandator saved from oblivion

    A unique AEC Mandator saved from oblivion

    Chris Graham on 31st August 2023

    AEC wasn't considered a ‘heavy haulage’ specialist, but that didn’t stop this Mandator from changing those perceptions, says Ian Shaw.

  • Ford Thames Trader

    Ford Thames Trader

    Chris Graham on 23rd July 2021

    Peter Esposito explains the important role that the Ford Thames Trader played for London Transport from the late 1950s onwards.

  • Evolution of car transporters

    Evolution of car transporters

    Chris Graham on 2nd March 2021

    Bob Tuck explains the interesting evolution of car transporters from the 1960s; the ear in which car sales began to boom. Photographs: Ken Glendinning collection A rather young Ken Glendinning has a smiling face because he was allowed to drive…

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