Long-awaited stationary engine show

Posted by Chris Graham on 6th November 2021

Alan and Lynne Cullen report from a long-awaited and well-attended stationary engine show that took place back in the summer, in leafy Surrey.

stationary engine show

Stationary engine show: Lister D and JAP generator with lights, from K Sanderson.

The Sussex & Kent Weald Stationary Engine Group held a post-Covid-19 stationary engine show at the Southern Counties Preservation Society Trust’s centre in Burstow, Surrey, over the weekend of July 10th & 11th, and it was open to all members of the group.

stationary engine show

J Maskell J Type Witte and pump.

Camping was available for those that wanted to attend both days, and several members did just that. If they were anything like Lynne and me, it was a case of remembering how to operate the caravan or motorhome, as most of that equipment hadn’t been used for the previous 18 months!

stationary engine show

The Lister auto truck, which is owned by SCHVPT.

Saturday morning was unfortunately accompanied by light rain, but that didn’t bother the exhibitors who were only too pleased to be able to show off their engines after such a lengthy lay-off.

stationary engine show

S Maskell Lister JH Type.

Pete and Chris Jones had already made a trip back home as, after arriving on Friday afternoon, they found the needle in the carburettor of their Stuart Turner was broken, so this was replaced with a Lister D which needed some coaxing back into life. Brian Jones had a Ruston Hornsby PB driving a water pump. This set-up had magneto issues, but was soon sorted.

1911 3hp Felix, from P Sheppard

Bryan and Sue Sharp had their trusty Ricardo head Lister D and domestic pump at the event, while Brian and Shelia Hames brought another Lister D. Kevin Sanderson presented a very good display consisting of a Lister D, a JAP generator and a light box. Andrew Gisby brought along his 1924 Lister, single-flywheel A2 ½hp and a large pump.

Dave Firmin had his radiator-cooled Lister D and Bentall Chaff cutter 0n show while, elsewhere, Jack Maskell had his Witte J Type 3hp J-type driving a pump and his dad, Steve, had a newly-acquired 1928 Lister JH 3½hp on display. Emma Frankham presented her trusty Lister D, and I was showing my International M-type with my Hatthaway butter churn. 

Engine men enjoying a catch-up!

Phil Sheppard worked very hard during lockdown to get his Swiss-built Felix 3hp up and running, and should now be very proud of his achievement. Although the engine had some teething problems early on, a few adjustments had it running much more smoothly on Sunday morning. However, I gather that Phil still intends to re-jet the carburettor. This is an excellent exhibit and was well admired by all who saw it.

L Hammond’s G13x2 Stokis compressor.

One member who had spent several weeks in hospital last year, Lawrie Hammond, was present and attending his first event since returning to better health. He brought along a Stokis compressor that he’d been restoring before his illness, and was pleased to see it inflate a small inner tube that he’d brought along together with a pump, all driven by a Lister D.

Another club member who joined us over the weekend was Simon Gainger, who brought along his very smart 1937 Morris GPO van and his 1970s Morris Minor GPO van. On Saturday evening, Lynne and I gave a short presentation in the barn, recalling some of the events we attended earlier in the year, surrounded by the Trust’s restored vehicles.

A Cullen’s International M with end-over-end butter churn.

Not to be beaten, and after many months trying to arrange an event, we finally achieved our goal with this one. We’d like to pass on our gratitude and thanks to all of the group’s members who exhibited an engine, or came along as a visitor. It was good to meet up again after so long.

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