Stunning commercials at the Yorkshire Motorsport Festival

Posted by Chris Graham on 31st December 2021

We wind the clock back to the summer, and the successful, inaugural Yorkshire Motorsport Festival in West Yorkshire.

Yorkshire Motorsport Festival

Yorkshire Motorsport Festival: This 1966 AEC Mandator was built for the MoD as a refueller, but the order was cancelled and it was transferred to the Transport & Road Research Laboratory in Berkshire. From here it was bought by an AEC Society member, passing in May 1997 to Bill and Ron Baker of Market Rasen, who got it on the road in just two months. Now in the livery of Graham Mellor of Ripponden.

The first Yorkshire Motorsport Festival weekend took place near Holmfirth over the weekend of June 25/26/27. For many, the main attraction will have been the number of sports cars that were on site, indeed there was even a timed hill climb event on a closed public road to enjoy.

Yorkshire Motorsport Festival

This 1952 Bedford O Type was new to a foundry in Halifax, ending up with Colin Pitt of Otley. It then passed to a builder who put it back to work until 1999. Then, after passing to Peter Wright, it was bought by Robert Maw with a total rebuild following.

But it’s the commercials that are of interest in these columns, and there were some quality vehicles in attendance too, as our photographs here show…

Yorkshire Motorsport Festival

This 1951 Bedford K Type is an ex-army lorry, after which it was used by Sid Mappin of Ecclesfield, Sheffield, until 1980. After standing until 2005 with the cab off, it was bought by Peter Foster of Sheffield, and took three years to restore. Now in the livery of Simon Wilson of Holmfirth.


Yorkshire Motorsport Festival

This 1950 Mack LJT is powered by a Cummins 200 engine, and was used in the USA on logging duties between New Jersey and Pennsylvania. It was then displayed in a Pennsylvania vintage railway museum and was used to move railway vehicles between the museum buildings. Brought to the UK by Trevor Williams, it arrived in Southampton in May, 2006, and passed to Darron Wilson around 2018.


Yorkshire Motorsport Festival

This 1930-registered Albion Model 24 was a tipper, eventually ending up at Willinghams Recovery in Hull, where it stood in an unrestored state. It was bought for restoration, but the shed was too small, so the project was put on hold. It then passed to David Carnevale in 2009 who has restored it, including all the body and cab. It’s fitted with hydraulic tipping gear.


Yorkshire Motorsport Festival

A 1970 Atkinson Gold Knight. The 20,000th Atkinson made, it was new to Hansons of Wakefield, passing to Robert Maxwell in Penrith and later George Codona in Scotland for use on the fairgrounds. Bought in around 2005 by Laurence Buxton of Wakefield.


Yorkshire Motorsport Festival

This 1975 Bedford TK was originally a ministry mines rescue vehicle and, subsequently, passed through a few owners before being bought at auction in 2019 by John Whitehead, of Annan.


This 1986 ERF C Series was used as a heavy recovery by Richard Read, being bought from his sale by the Cotterill family, of Oswaldtwistle.


A 1928 Albion LB40 was new to C&C Textiles of Barnsley. It was found in Rotherham with a tree growing through it. It was restored in the mid-1970s and completed the London to Brighton Run. After a period of storage, it was bought by David Carnevale of Barnsley, and restored again during the winter of 1998.


This 1955 Bedford S Type was used by the Auxiliary Fire Service in Wales as a ‘flat’. Attached to the care and maintenance section from 1968 to 1988, it was bought at auction by Jon Torley from Towyn, who fitted the beavertail in August 2017.


This 1959 ERF KV showman’s tractor was originally a powder tanker, registered 340 CLW. It was later turned into an eight-wheel wrecker and, later still, shortened into a showman’s tractor unit. It was found in a shed where it had stood for nearly 30 years surrounded by old cars, and had to go as the owners were going to develop the site. It was bought by Graham Mellor but resold almost immediately to Steve Roper.


This 1976 Scammell Crusader was originally an artic tractor unit, being converted to a recovery in the 1980s and used by Barratts of Birmingham. It was subsequently with Ray Brookes and The Wirral Transport Museum, before passing to Darron Wilson in 2003.


This 1957 AEC Mammoth Major Mk3 was originally a tanker by Shell Mex, before ending up in Sussex as a chassis-cab. The cab had to be replaced with one from a tar-sprayer in the late 1990s by Bernie Smith of Broughton, Northants. It was then bought by Ken Taylor of Huddersfield, in 2010.


This 1977 Mack R611ST 6X4 tractor was one of a batch of six built for export into Europe for the American Army Tank Movement Division, being bought by Stabilised Pavements after army life, and used to pull a road recycling trailer on and off road. It was then bought by Colin Rawson of R+R Classic Commercials, passing to Paul Leek of P Leek Commercial Repairs, where it was restored.

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