The Buxton Boys Run, 2022

Posted by Chris Graham on 24th November 2022

David Reed reports on this year’s Buxton Boys Run for classic commercials vehicles, with Les Wilson providing the photographs.

Buxton Boys Run

The run organiser’s lorry; this 1994 ERF EC10 was new in Liverpool as a demonstrator, with no real history known after that. It passed to Andrew and Julie Dyson in 2019, and is now painted in Andrew’s father’s livery. It was featured in our April 2020 issue.

The now-annual Buxton Boys Run took place on the roads around Derbyshire at the end of July. The event, organised by Andy and Julie Dyson, saw around 25 vehicles take part, with a shorter route being taken this year, reflecting the price of fuel. There was still some spectacular scenery to enjoy though, even if the weather was a bit misty over the Derbyshire tops.

Buxton Boys Run

A 1997 ERF EC14. Registered in 2000, it was new to Geoff Beeson of Glossop, and was bought around 2008 by Peter Hodgson of Whaley Bridge. It’s still a working lorry and, according to the owner, “is out every day.”


Buxton Boys Run

This 1979 Leyland Reiver 6×4 appeared in excellent condition, and is seen in the livery of Maurice Fearn.


Buxton Boys Run

This 1976 Leyland Reiver was bought by Giblin Brothers of Manchester, but stored in a garage and not used. It was registered in 1979, but didn’t work until 1987, when it was bought by John Devine of Manchester and worked for nine years, passing to a farmer near Oldham. Acquired for preservation by Andrew Garlick in 2014, it was sold 10 years later, but re-acquired by Andrew Garlick’s son, Glen, in 2018 and restored again. It was our October 2019 issue cover-star lorry.


Buxton Boys Run

This 1988 Foden S104 was delivered new to Kidman Haulage of Huntingdon, with a ‘troublesome’ Caterpillar engine when it left the factory. It later returned to Foden to have a Cummins unit fitted. It was owned by Chris Henry of Bradford for around 10 years, then passed through the hands of another owner. It changed hands again in October 2019, this time passing to Bob Birchenough of Chapel-en-le-Frith who painted it in his colours. There’s a full feature in our December 2015 issue.


Buxton Boys Run

This 1985 Ford Cargo was with Dracott Transport, and used to carry barrels out of the breweries at Burton upon Trent to Scotland. It was later with Peter Riley before being stored, passing to Lee Coxon of Nottingham in 2015.


Buxton Boys Run

This 1968 AEC Mammoth Minor TG6RF was new to Courtaulds Acetate, before being converted into a recovery vehicle. It has since been restored to a tractor unit.


Buxton Boys Run

This 1968 ERF LV was new to Cheshire Fire Brigade as a foam tanker. It was then bought in the mid-1970s by Gordon Plant and rallied before being dry-stored for 20 years. It passed to Phillip Plant of Crewe in November 2016.


This 1975 Ford D1314 was new to United Carriers, later passing to a new owner who put a tipper body on. It was bought from him in 1981 by Peter Riley, who then ran it until 1996 after which it did a few jobs around the farm before being mothballed. It was subsequently restored between 2013 and 2016.


This 1988 Foden 4300 was new to Chris Moon of Stockport, and was operated by him for 24 years until retirement. It was restored by Dave Keyworth.


Looking to be in great condition was J521 TOP, a 1992 Volvo F10 that was spotted on the run.


This 1972 Foden S39 is powered by a Leyland 680 engine, and was new in Aylesbury on tipper work. It then passed to Chris Balls in 2007 who was the second owner. It’s been given a full, nut-and-bolt restoration by Steve Mayle. “It’s only done 32,000 miles,” Chris said, “and still had the plastic covers on the passenger seat.”


This 1974 AEC Mercury was possibly with BRS, but not a lot of history is known after that. It was bought from H Fox & Sons Haulage of March, Cambridgeshire, around 2006 by Steve Barber of Buxton, and parked-up for two years before eight years of restoration followed. It was seen on the run with a York Devil Dump trailer.


This 1960 Foden S20 eight-wheeler was built in April 1960 for Girling, and was fitted with disc brakes on all four axles. It entered service with BI Transport – part of Rank Hovis – on test, before being returned to Girling and then going to Pressed Steel Finishers of Birmingham, with whom it finished its working life. It then lay derelict for 20 years before being bought by Patrick Mullee of Warrington in 1990 for restoration. It later passed to John Dawson of Newark.

This 1970 Ford D1000 Series was new to Securicor as a tractor unit, later being converted by them to a wrecker. After being left in Watson’s scrapyard at Stone, it was bought by Les Shakeshaft of Cheadle, in 2002, and put back on the road. (Pic: Julie Dyson)


This 1988 Foden Fleetmaster was a bus recovery vehicle at West Midlands’ Cleveland Road Garage in Wolverhampton. (Pic: Julie Dyson)


This 1969 Atkinson Mark 1 was new to Pye Transport, and was used under contract to BP Chemicals, running in its colours, later being turned into a breakdown. It passed to Paul Dangerfield of Stroud, and has been restored, later passing to Ambrose Wood of Bollington. (Pic: Julie Dyson)


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