1926 Petter-Reavell compressor unit

Posted by Chris Graham on 8th May 2021

Patrick Knight provides a little history relating to a 1926 Petter-Reavell compressor unit that’s now in New Zealand.

1926 Petter-Reavell compressor unit

1926 Petter-Reavell compressor unit: The Petter-Reavell engine as seen at the Alresford Agricultural Show in Hampshire, back in 2006.

This nicely presented Petter-Reavell air compressor unit was photographed at the Alresford Annual Agricultural Show in Hampshire, back in 2006, where it was being exhibited by Bill Williams, a New Zealand enthusiast who was over here on two-year work placement.

1926 Petter-Reavell compressor unit

The engine’s spec plate.

Doreen Edgington, having checked the Petter sales ledgers, found that this 1½hp Petter Patent Oil Engine, serial number 3992, was supplied to the Ipswich-based company, Reavell & Co on the July 16th, 1926.

1926 Petter-Reavell compressor unit

An illustration from a 1925 Petter sales catalogue.

Petter Limited also marketed this type of compressor unit, as the image taken from a 1925 catalogue and included here, shows. However, no mention was made with regards to who supplied the compressor, but it looks to be identical to that produced by Reavell & Co.

1926 Petter-Reavell compressor unit

Note the ornate ‘R & Co’ emblem that’s cast into the side of the compressor hopper.

I believe this unit now resides in New Zealand.

Another view of the unit.

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