Classic & Vintage Commercial Show is on!

Posted by Chris Graham on 5th March 2021

The British Motor Museum is still planning to go ahead with a programme of events in 2021, including the Classic & Vintage Commercial Show.

Classic & Vintage Commercial Show

There’s some good news for historic commercial vehicle enthusiasts as it’s been announced that the 2021 Classic & Vintage Commercial Show at Gaydon is to go ahead.

Alongside the fully-understandable but still sad news that this year’s HCVS London to Brighton Road Run has had to be cancelled, there’s better news from the midlands. Tom Caren has been in touch to say that the British Motor Museum at Gaydon is still planning to go ahead with a major programme of events in 2021, including the Classic & Vintage Commercial Show, which is scheduled to take place on June 12th and 13th.

Last year, ‘Gaydon’ was one of a very small number of lorry events to go ahead, albeit with significant restrictions, including all visitors as well as exhibitors having to be pre-booked to control numbers, and for contact-tracing purposes. Clearly, such things are far more ‘do-able’ in a museum environment, where everyone coming on site is checked-in, than with open events such as the Brighton run, where the location is far more accessible.

Although none of us knows where we’ll be in June, it seems inevitable that, as last year, there will be some changes. However, Tom remains optimistic about the prospects: “I’m not sure what we’ll be allowed to have indoors by then, given where we are with Covid, but it’s planned to have indoor trade and modellers, like we normally do.

“Of course, this will be all subject to the government’s regulations at the time, but we’re hopeful that this will all be allowed as the vaccine should have made its way into the general population by then and, with the better weather, Covid may well have retreated.”

Vehicle and trade entry forms for the show are available to download from the Museum’s website, which you can find at: You’ll be able to order advanced tickets there, too. Although the museum is currently closed, the administration side of things is still operating.

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