NEW BOOK – Operation Dynamo

Posted by Chris Graham on 7th April 2020


Operation Dynamo

Operation Dynamo: This new book – from the publishers of Ships Monthly magazine –  delivers a fascinating insight into 200 of the boats and ships that were used to help evacuate the British Army from Dunkirk, in the summer of 1940.

Operation Dynamo, the evacuation of the British Expeditionary Force from Dunkirk, began on May 26th and ended on June 3rd, 1940. Whatever assessment is made of that evacuation, it has become a part of the national consciousness, with the ‘Little ships’ elevated to the status of heroes for the role they played in helping save the soldiers. Warships and large passenger vessels also played a significant part, as did paddle-steamers, tugs, lifeboats and barges, all of which were called in to help.

Operation Dynamo

Many of the warships used in the Dunkirk evacuation are covered in this new book.

This new book about Operation Dynamo provides short histories of well over 200 ships, from ferries to tugs, warships to barges and little ships to lifeboats, all of which crossed the English Channel to save Allied soldiers from the advancing German forces, as well as photographs of many of them.

Unfortunately, the 80th anniversary Return to Dunkirk by the Little Ships, scheduled for May, has been cancelled due to the current restrictions on public events, but this outstanding new book provides anyone interested in the famous evacuation, with fascinating details of the ships and craft which went to help.

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Operation Dynamo

Paddle-steamers also played an important part in Operation Dynamo.

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