Classic Van & Pick-Up

  • A first class delivery!

    A first class delivery!

    Chris Graham on 2nd May 2020

    Having restored a red Morris JB mail van, Gordon Wilson needed a green GPO van to match it. Peter Simpson tells the story of a first class delivery, and gets to see the rest of the collection, too.

  • Light commercials selling well

    Light commercials selling well

    Chris Graham on 2nd April 2020

    Light commercials were selling well in what must have been one of the last classic vehicle auctions held before the Covid-19-related lockdown really took a hold.

  • Austin Maestro diesel mailvan reborn

    Austin Maestro diesel mailvan reborn

    Chris Graham on 8th March 2020

    This Austin Maestro diesel mailvan has been in preservation since 1991, but it’s certainly not had the easiest of post-working lives.

  • Volkswagen T2 pick-up ressurected

    Volkswagen T2 pick-up ressurected

    Chris Graham on 28th February 2020

    This 1960 Volkswagen T2 pick-up appears little changed from when it was found after almost 40 years in a barn. But all’s not what it seems.



    Chris Graham on 16th January 2020

    The Mills brothers’ latest LCV restoration has really been wowing the crowds at shows throughout 2019. Peter Simpson tells the story… Once upon a time, red GPO/Post Office Morris (and later Austin-Morris) J4 mailvans were seen – and heard –…

  • Ford Thames 400E Dormobile Camper

    Ford Thames 400E Dormobile Camper

    Chris Graham on 16th January 2020

    Ford Thames 400E Dormobile and its proud owner/restorer. The current colour scheme is a reversal of the red with white stripe it was bought with, but is a ‘genuine’ Dormobile scheme and, we think, it looks a lot better for…

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