Classic Plant & Machinery

  • Hy-Mac 480 excavator restoration

    Hy-Mac 480 excavator restoration

    Chris Graham on 11th June 2020

    Jeremy Rowland enjoys a trip to see the superb results of an exacting and expert, 'nut and bolt' Hy-Mac 480 excavator restoration.

  • Building the M25 motorway

    Building the M25 motorway

    Chris Graham on 6th June 2020

    With period photographs and reports from John Wakely, Alan Barnes reflects on an impressive engineering achievement; building the M25 motorway

  • Classic plant working weekend

    Classic plant working weekend

    Chris Graham on 10th March 2020

    Jane Brooks shares thoughts and photos from the second, annual classic plant working weekend, which fascinated the spectators who gathered in South Warwickshire last summer.

  • Delving in the digging archives

    Delving in the digging archives

    Chris Graham on 9th March 2020

    Nick Baldwin goes delving in his digging archives, this time in search of the French make, Willeme, among other interesting vehicles.

  • Classic digging and craning

    Classic digging and craning

    Chris Graham on 28th February 2020

    Another look deep into the archives, to unearth some fascinating photographs of digging, craning and dumping from a personal collection.

  • The power of Rimpull  

    The power of Rimpull  

    Chris Graham on 28th February 2020

    Nick Baldwin takes a look at the power of Rimpull, one of the main suppliers of dumptrucks to the US surface-mined coal industry.

  • Allis-Chalmers HD-6 crawler

    Allis-Chalmers HD-6 crawler

    Chris Graham on 3rd February 2020

    The Allis-Chalmers HD-6 crawler launched in 1955, with high expectations which, as Paul Tofield explains, were proved thoroughly justified.

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