• Kubota investment in Farmtrac

    Kubota investment in Farmtrac

    Chris Graham on 14th June 2020

    The Kubota investment in Farmtrac will result in the Japanese machinery manufacturer increasing its presence in India – the world’s largest tractor market.

  • The Murdoch family’s collection

    The Murdoch family’s collection

    Chris Graham on 8th June 2020

    The Murdoch family’s collection of tractors and machinery is dominated by early Massey Fergusons, as Bob Weir discovers.

  • The Roadless tractor attraction

    The Roadless tractor attraction

    Chris Graham on 5th June 2020

    Enthusiasts who like collectable workhorses won’t go far wrong with a Roadless tractor, especially the Fordson conversions. Jo Roberts explains the Roadless tractor attraction.

  • International 10-20 industrial tractor

    International 10-20 industrial tractor

    Chris Graham on 2nd June 2020

    With access to Chris and James Rowberry’s IHC archive, Peter Love illustrates the many uses to which the International 10-20 industrial tractor was put.

  • Buying a Ford Series 10 Force II

    Buying a Ford Series 10 Force II

    Chris Graham on 31st May 2020

    Buying a Ford Series 10 Force II makes sense as the model remains desirable and very usable. Chris Graham explains how to bag yourself a good one.

  • British-owned veterans to star

    British-owned veterans to star

    Chris Graham on 27th May 2020

    Illinois-based Aumann Auctions has announced that its Pre ’30 Auction 2020 will take place on June 12th-13th, with British-owned veterans to star.

  • David Corkish, fondly remembered

    David Corkish, fondly remembered

    Chris Graham on 25th May 2020

    David Corkish, fondly remembered as a founder member of the Southern Vintage Engine and Tractor Club on the Isle of Man in 1984, will be sadly missed.

  • A beautiful childhood memory

    A beautiful childhood memory

    Chris Graham on 23rd May 2020

    Ian Stevens' sympathetic treatment of his 1943 Fordson Standard N rekindles a beautiful childhood memory, as Alan Barnes discovers.

  • Original Muir-Hill muscle

    Original Muir-Hill muscle

    Chris Graham on 14th May 2020

    James Connolly finds a genuine example of some original Muir-Hill muscle, in the form of the popular 121 Series II model.

  • Highly-prized and very smart 7810

    Highly-prized and very smart 7810

    Chris Graham on 8th May 2020

    Bob Weir heads to Aberdeenshire to meet life-long Ford tractor enthusiast, Gary Morrison, and his highly-prized and very smart 7810.

  • A Major celebration

    A Major celebration

    Chris Graham on 8th April 2020

    With the Fordson Major E27N now enjoying its 75th anniversary, Jonathan Whitlam embarks on a Major celebration by looking look at the development of diesel power, the upgrades and the conversions related to this legendary tractor.

  • Visitors flooded to Malvern!

    Visitors flooded to Malvern!

    Chris Graham on 6th April 2020

    Despite the disruptive, February weather in Worcestershire, visitors flooded to Malvern for Tractor World Spring which, as Tony Hoyland reports, turned out to be a great show.

  • The Intrac story

    The Intrac story

    Chris Graham on 4th April 2020

    Those visiting W Germany's annual DLG agricultural exhibition in 1972, got their first glimpse of an unusual-looking and revolutionary tractor design; the Intrac story had begun.

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