First World War

  • Exotic eight-leggers!

    Exotic eight-leggers!

    Chris Graham on 2nd August 2021

    Bob Tuck looks at some of the most exotic eight-leggers you’re ever likely to see, spot-lighting some incredible loadbed vehicles.

  • 1976 Mack F700-Series truck

    1976 Mack F700-Series truck

    Chris Graham on 16th June 2021

    Bob Weir meets American truck enthusiast Frankie Wilson, from Scotland, and gets to grips with his impressive 1976 Mack F700-Series truck.

  • Very rare Weeks-Dungey tractor

    Very rare Weeks-Dungey tractor

    Chris Graham on 18th March 2021

    Mike Williams spotlights the British-built and now very rare Weeks-Dungey tractor, and explains why it sadly failed.

  • Rare Regalite generating set  

    Rare Regalite generating set  

    Chris Graham on 14th March 2021

    Michael Roberts recounts the story of how he managed to become the owner of a rare Regalite generating set.

  • 1917 Thornycroft J Type restoration

    1917 Thornycroft J Type restoration

    Chris Graham on 15th July 2020

    The 30-year renovation of Stephen Gosling’s 1917 Thornycroft J Type represents a Herculean effort, as Tim Gosling explains.

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