Heritage Commercials

  • Amazing petrol pump museum!

    Amazing petrol pump museum!

    Chris Graham on 18th June 2021

    Marco Mocchetti reports on an amazing petrol pump museum in Italy, which is the largest of its sort in the world.

  • 1976 Mack F700-Series truck

    1976 Mack F700-Series truck

    Chris Graham on 16th June 2021

    Bob Weir meets American truck enthusiast Frankie Wilson, from Scotland, and gets to grips with his impressive 1976 Mack F700-Series truck.

  • 1976 Scammell Crusader

    1976 Scammell Crusader

    Chris Graham on 30th March 2021

    Joseph Lewis finds himself mightily impressed by George Thompson’s classic, 1976 Scammell Crusader recovery truck.

  • Classic flatbed lorry feast!

    Classic flatbed lorry feast!

    Chris Graham on 19th March 2021

    This classic flatbed lorry bookazine is brand new from Kelsey Publishing, and is a must for all commercial vehicle enthusiasts.

  • Evolution of car transporters

    Evolution of car transporters

    Chris Graham on 2nd March 2021

    Bob Tuck explains the interesting evolution of car transporters from the 1960s; the ear in which car sales began to boom. Photographs: Ken Glendinning collection A rather young Ken Glendinning has a smiling face because he was allowed to drive…

  • 1963 Renault Estafette pick-up

    1963 Renault Estafette pick-up

    Chris Graham on 9th February 2021

    Russ Harvey tracks down a rare, 1963 Renault Estafette pick-up with an astonishingly low recorded mileage, that’s now operating in the UK. The beautifully-restored, 1963 Renault Estafette pick-up R2132. This ultra-rare and superb example of a was, until recently, owned…

  • The car transporter revolution!

    The car transporter revolution!

    Chris Graham on 30th January 2021

    Bob Tuck reveals how the car transporter revolution first arrived to change the new cars sales business in the UK during the 1950s and ‘60s. Photographs: Ken Glendinning Collection/as stated The car transporter revolution!: New in 1960, SJR 100 was…

  • Series I Land Rover vs Austin Gipsy

    Series I Land Rover vs Austin Gipsy

    Chris Graham on 20th January 2021

    Ed Burrows meets the Walsh brothers and the Series I Land Rover they restored then compared to an Austin Gipsy. Land Rover Series I (left), the restoration of which was completed recently by Ken and Ray Walsh. The Austin Gipsy…

  • Leyland Cub FK6 fire engine saved!

    Leyland Cub FK6 fire engine saved!

    Chris Graham on 18th January 2021

    There aren’t many 80-year old vehicles still racing around the West Midlands roads, but Mike and Julie Blenkinsop spotlight Leyland Cub FK6 that’s one of them. On their way. The veterans leave Smethwick Fire Station for the celebrations. Built in…

  • 1979 Dodge Spacevan

    1979 Dodge Spacevan

    Chris Graham on 8th December 2020

    Rootes vehicle enthusiast Dean Reader explains the experiences he had while owning and restoring a 1979 Dodge Spacevan.

  • Fordson WOT 1 airfield tender

    Fordson WOT 1 airfield tender

    Chris Graham on 27th November 2020

    Mike and Julie Blenkinsop enjoy the chance to experience and extremely rare, Fordson WOT 1 airfield tender vehicle.

  • Commercial classics 2

    Commercial classics 2

    Chris Graham on 11th November 2020

    Artics roll out: The second in a series of Commercial Classics 2 bookazines from Kelsey Publishing Ltd is available now, focussing on artics.

  • Permanent premises wanted!

    Permanent premises wanted!

    Chris Graham on 26th October 2020

    The Museum of RAF Firefighting is desperate for new, permanent premises, where its extensive collection can be housed securely and safely.

  • Second life for French Estafette

    Second life for French Estafette

    Chris Graham on 20th October 2020

    Russ Harvey enjoys a trip to Bristol to see a rare, French survivor from the 1960s that’s now working hard as a barista van.

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