Old Glory

  • Threlkeld Quarry & Mining Museum

    Threlkeld Quarry & Mining Museum

    Chris Graham on 2nd August 2020

    Work on the new railway extension at the Threlkeld Quarry & Mining Museum has re-started as a result of the easing of some of the Covid-19 restrictions.

  • Great Dorset Steam Fair

    Great Dorset Steam Fair

    Chris Graham on 28th July 2020

    The Great Dorset Steam Fair’s popular Steam Fair FM will be boradcasting a special, online 'virtual Dorset' over the planned show dates this August.

  • Amazing ploughing leviathans

    Amazing ploughing leviathans

    Chris Graham on 19th July 2020

    John and Henry McLaren built some amazing ploughing leviathans which helped revolutionise Victorian farming, as Bernard Holloway explains.

  • 1917 Thornycroft J Type restoration

    1917 Thornycroft J Type restoration

    Chris Graham on 15th July 2020

    The 30-year renovation of Stephen Gosling’s 1917 Thornycroft J Type represents a Herculean effort, as Tim Gosling explains.

  • Traction Engine Register 2020 published

    Traction Engine Register 2020 published

    Chris Graham on 14th July 2020

    A fully-revised, new edition of the Traction Engine Register has been published. It’s the 13th in the series that commenced in 1968.

  • Steam in Romania

    Steam in Romania

    Chris Graham on 10th July 2020

    In his search for steam in Romania, Derek Rayner discovers a wealth of narrow-gauge interest in and around the Transylvanian area of Sibiu.

  • Allis in Lockdownland!

    Allis in Lockdownland!

    Chris Graham on 6th July 2020

    Jerry Thurston took the plunge and bought himself a 1948 Allis Chalmers Model B tractor unseen. This is his story of Allis in Lockdownland!

  • A steam sensation, virtually!

    A steam sensation, virtually!

    Chris Graham on 3rd July 2020

    The only steam rally to be held so far this year was online and went truly ‘global’ to become a steam sensation, virtually, as Anthony Coulls explains.

  • Wheels of Industry bookazine

    Wheels of Industry bookazine

    Chris Graham on 15th May 2020

    Industrial steam at work: Each issue explores industrial railway systems that, in the vast majority of cases, have long been abandoned and lost to time.

  • Back to barracks for Lord Roberts! 

    Back to barracks for Lord Roberts! 

    Chris Graham on 14th April 2020

    James Hamilton was invited to witness Fowler road loco, Lord Roberts, being sent back to barracks as it returned to one of its old working haunts.

  • Richard Hornsby traction engine

    Richard Hornsby traction engine

    Chris Graham on 11th April 2020

    Bob Butrim recounts the history and restoration story of Mark Leahy’s fine, 1890 Richard Hornsby traction engine in Australia. 

  • Dunedin Gas Works Museum visit

    Dunedin Gas Works Museum visit

    Chris Graham on 1st April 2020

    The Dunedin Gas Works Museum, in New Zealand’s second largest city on the South Island, is packed with fascinating machinery and information, as Phil Barnes discovers.

  • Digging for China clay

    Digging for China clay

    Chris Graham on 30th March 2020

    David Vaughan looks at the fascinating range of historic machinery that was involved in digging for China clay in what was a major Cornish industry

  • The Sentinel Roadless Tractor

    The Sentinel Roadless Tractor

    Chris Graham on 20th February 2020

    Alan Barnes recounts the fascinating story of the Sentinel Roadless Tractor; a machine that deserved so much more commercial success.

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