• The Foden S10 Mk3 4×2 tractor

    The Foden S10 Mk3 4×2 tractor

    Chris Graham on 6th May 2020

    Mark Gredzinski charts the history of the Foden S10 Mk3 4x2 tractor; the first model produced once American concern Paccar had bought the struggling, Cheshire-based truck maker.

  • The history of Tata

    The history of Tata

    Chris Graham on 4th May 2020

    Ed Burrows delves into the history of Tata, which began life in 1954, as a Mercedes-Benz joint-venture.

  • A first class delivery!

    A first class delivery!

    Chris Graham on 2nd May 2020

    Having restored a red Morris JB mail van, Gordon Wilson needed a green GPO van to match it. Peter Simpson tells the story of a first class delivery, and gets to see the rest of the collection, too.

  • Superbly-restored 1939 Foden DG5

    Superbly-restored 1939 Foden DG5

    Chris Graham on 1st May 2020

    David Reed drops in on Steve Boot, to see his superbly-restored 1939 Foden DG5; a recent returnee to the rally scene, following many years away and a second rebuild.

  • Scammell Pioneer (TRMU20, TRMU30)

    Scammell Pioneer (TRMU20, TRMU30)

    Chris Graham on 10th April 2020

    A new release in the Military Trucks Archive, Scammell Pioneer TRMU20, TRMU30 is packed with information and rare photographs covering this influential and accomplished heavy tractor

  • On the Buses

    On the Buses

    Chris Graham on 4th April 2020

    On the Buses is a series of quarterly bookazines produced by enthusiasts for enthusiasts, that take a snapshot back to a time when the world was a very different place.

  • Royal Navy Austin K2/Y restored

    Royal Navy Austin K2/Y restored

    Chris Graham on 29th March 2020

    This 1943 Royal Navy Austin K2/Y ambulance has spent far more of its life ferrying farm workers and produce around, than transporting injured military personnel, as Richard Gunn explains.

  • Peugeot J7 camper rejuvenated

    Peugeot J7 camper rejuvenated

    Chris Graham on 28th March 2020

    The Peugeot J7 camper is bigger, cheaper and a lot rarer than a VW alternative, and has every bit as much character, as Mike Neale discovers.

  • Commer Fire Engines

    Commer Fire Engines

    Chris Graham on 27th March 2020

    Ron Henderson tells the tale of the Rootes Group’s early post-war move into Commer Fire Engines market.

  • Classic buses in Malta

    Classic buses in Malta

    Chris Graham on 26th March 2020

    Mike Forbes took some photographs of the fascinating array of classic buses in Malta plying their trade during the mid-1980s.

  • Ford Model A restoration

    Ford Model A restoration

    Chris Graham on 25th March 2020

    Enthusiast Dave Sibbald’s Ford Model A restoration has allowed him to take a step back in time, as Bob Weir discovers.

  • The historic eight-wheelers

    The historic eight-wheelers

    Chris Graham on 15th March 2020

    Mike Forbes offers a fascinating selection of photographs from the Chris Hodge ’Stilltime’ Collection, this time spotlighting historic eight-wheelers.

  • Lucky Scania survivor!

    Lucky Scania survivor!

    Chris Graham on 13th March 2020

    Although Jon and Jamie Holey’s restored 1987 Scania 142M had a relatively short working life, it was a far from easy one. Peter Simpson meets this lucky Scania survivor, and its enthusiastic owners.

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