• Royal Navy Austin K2/Y restored

    Royal Navy Austin K2/Y restored

    Chris Graham on 29th March 2020

    This 1943 Royal Navy Austin K2/Y ambulance has spent far more of its life ferrying farm workers and produce around, than transporting injured military personnel, as Richard Gunn explains.

  • Peugeot J7 camper rejuvenated

    Peugeot J7 camper rejuvenated

    Chris Graham on 28th March 2020

    The Peugeot J7 camper is bigger, cheaper and a lot rarer than a VW alternative, and has every bit as much character, as Mike Neale discovers.

  • Ford Model A restoration

    Ford Model A restoration

    Chris Graham on 25th March 2020

    Enthusiast Dave Sibbald’s Ford Model A restoration has allowed him to take a step back in time, as Bob Weir discovers.

  • Lucky Scania survivor!

    Lucky Scania survivor!

    Chris Graham on 13th March 2020

    Although Jon and Jamie Holey’s restored 1987 Scania 142M had a relatively short working life, it was a far from easy one. Peter Simpson meets this lucky Scania survivor, and its enthusiastic owners.

  • Power and glory

    Power and glory

    Chris Graham on 12th March 2020

    David Lemonius has been a County man for many years, and this interest has culminated in the restoration of a fine Super 6. This is his story about that tractor; at tale of power and glory!

  • Austin Maestro diesel mailvan reborn

    Austin Maestro diesel mailvan reborn

    Chris Graham on 8th March 2020

    This Austin Maestro diesel mailvan has been in preservation since 1991, but it’s certainly not had the easiest of post-working lives.

  • A wonderfully-restored Volvo F88

    A wonderfully-restored Volvo F88

    Chris Graham on 7th March 2020

    Pip Dunn tracks down a wonderfully-restored Volvo F88; an iconic classic truck from the 1970s, and discovers that it has an amazing story to tell.

  • Piston ring replacement guide

    Piston ring replacement guide

    Chris Graham on 6th March 2020

    Sam Bloake provides a helpful and practical, experienced-based piston ring replacement guide, covering the basics to get you started.

  • Volkswagen T2 pick-up ressurected

    Volkswagen T2 pick-up ressurected

    Chris Graham on 28th February 2020

    This 1960 Volkswagen T2 pick-up appears little changed from when it was found after almost 40 years in a barn. But all’s not what it seems.

  • Albion FT21 ‘Black Maria’

    Albion FT21 ‘Black Maria’

    Chris Graham on 31st January 2020

    Bob Weir samples one of the most celebrated Albion FT21 ‘Black Marias’ in Scotland, and really senses it’s murky, working history.

  • Fordson Super Dexta rebuild: Part 1

    Fordson Super Dexta rebuild: Part 1

    Chris Graham on 29th January 2020

    Ben Phillips introduces his new restoration project, a 1964 Fordson Super Dexta, and gets cracking with an overall condition assessment.

  • Cooper-Stewart portable shearing set

    Cooper-Stewart portable shearing set

    Chris Graham on 23rd January 2020

    Pete Barker tells the tale of the purchase and restoration of a Cooper-Stewart portable shearing set Pete Barker’s restored Cooper-Stewart portable shearing set I have a strange passion for smaller engines powering machinery that would have commonly been used in peoples’…

  • ERF and Volvo trucks restored

    ERF and Volvo trucks restored

    Chris Graham on 21st January 2020

    ERF and Volvo were fierce rivals during the 1970s, but Pip Dunn discovers a restored pair that are now happy stablemates at Harpers haulage The 1970s saw a lot of development in trucks in the UK, and there were two…

  • Unique ‘Doe 3000’ tractor build

    Unique ‘Doe 3000’ tractor build

    Chris Graham on 17th January 2020

      Michael Moore is the proud owner of a unique, home-built, Doe-style, four-wheel-drive, articulated tractor. Chris Graham meets the man and his fantastic machine. Restoration stories are nothing unusual these days in the classic and vintage tractor world. Plenty of owners…

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